BOC-Glycine tert-butyl Ester – A High-Purity Compound for Efficient Organic Synthesis

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BOC-Glycine tert-butyl Ester is a top-grade, highly pure compound perfect for a range of organic synthesis operations. Its purity is reinforced by a stringent testing process to control elemental consistency. Features of this whitish crystalline raw material include:

  • Appearance: Pure, whitish crystalline form
  • Melting Point: Stable between 66-68u00b0C
  • Water Content: Kept below 1.0% to mitigate moisture-related issues
  • Assay: Minimum of 98%, ensuring high reaction yields
  • Applications: Suitable for peptide synthesis, chemical synthesis, and drug development

Ensure storage away from sunlight or damp areas as per standard lab protocols. Choose our BOC-Glycine tert-butyl Ester for performing elevated organic synthesis processes.

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BOC-Glycine tert-butyl Ester: The Industry Standard for Efficient Organic Synthesis

As an industry-leading compound, BOC-Glycine tert-butyl Ester delivers impeccable results, serving as the cornerstone of successful organic synthesis. It stands shoulder-to-shoulder as a compelling choice for professionals seeking consistency, accuracy, and reliability in their laboratory procedures.

Purity, Personified

The sublime crystalline white texture of BOC-Glycine tert-butyl Ester serves as an immediate visual indicator of its unmatched quality and purity. A result of rigorous manufacturing and quality control processes, the compound boasts an assay of at least 98.0%. This potent level of purity, one of the highest in the industry, assures optimal yield for each synthesis procedure.

Consistency in Results

One of the defining characteristics of BOC-Glycine tert-butyl Ester is its consistent melting point, which falls between the 66 to 68 degrees Celsius range. This uniformity ensures reliability and stability in reactions while simplifying storage and transport conditions.

Minimal Moisture Interference

Thanks to using the highly precise Karl Fischer method, the compound showcases an impressively low water content of less than 1.0%. This minimal moisture content helps prevent any potential interference, preserving the integrity of the chemical reactions and their outcomes.

Key Features:

  • High Purity: Manifested by its crystalline white appearance
  • Stable Melting Point: Consistency in operational conditions with range of 66 to 68 degrees Celsius
  • Low Water Content: Kept below 1.0% following the Karl Fischer method protocols, reducing moisture interference
  • Quality Assured: Sustained assay of at least 98.0%, guaranteeing optimal yields

BOC-Glycine tert-butyl Ester serves as a trailblazer in organic chemical synthesis. Its superior characteristics, high purity, and consistent reliability make it an indispensable asset in propelling innovation across a wealth of industries.

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