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BLR(DE3) Competent Cells – Novagen

  • RecA derivative of BL21: Improves plasmid monomer yields
  • May help stabilize target plasmids containing repetitive sequences
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The BLR(DE3) Competent Cells offered by Novagen are an excellent solution for molecular biology research and applications. These cells, derived from BL21, are a recA derivative and have been specifically designed to improve plasmid monomer yields and stabilize target plasmids containing repetitive sequences. With superior performance and reliability, these competent cells provide researchers with the confidence they need to achieve precise and accurate results in their experiments.

Key Features:

  • RecA derivative of BL21: The BLR(DE3) Competent Cells are a recA derivative of BL21, which enhances their ability to support efficient plasmid monomer production. This unique derivative offers improved capabilities for DNA manipulation and amplification, making it an ideal choice for molecular biology applications.
  • Improved plasmid monomer yields: By utilizing the BLR(DE3) Competent Cells, researchers can expect to achieve higher yields of plasmid monomers. This means that more target DNA can be obtained from a single transformation, reducing the need for additional amplification steps and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Stabilization of target plasmids containing repetitive sequences: One of the notable advantages of the BLR(DE3) Competent Cells is their ability to stabilize target plasmids that contain repetitive sequences. Repetitive sequences can be challenging to maintain intact during replication, often resulting in variations and loss of important genetic information. The recA derivative in these cells helps to mitigate this issue and ensure the preservation of repetitive sequences, enabling more reliable and consistent results in downstream applications.


The BLR(DE3) Competent Cells are prepared using carefully selected ingredients and protocols to ensure maximum performance and reliability. The composition of these cells includes:

  • BL21-derived recA derivative cells
  • Supplied as chemically competent cells
  • Each vial contains a specific amount of cells, sufficient for a defined number of transformations

Usage Guidelines:

For optimal performance and results, it is important to follow the recommended guidelines for the usage of BLR(DE3) Competent Cells:

  • Thaw the vial of BLR(DE3) Competent Cells on ice, ensuring that the cells remain cold throughout the process.
  • Add the desired amount of DNA to the competent cells and gently mix by tapping or swirling the tube.
  • Incubate the cells on ice for a brief period to allow for DNA-cell binding.
  • Perform the heat shock step by transferring the tube to a 42°C water bath for a specific amount of time.
  • Transfer the tube back to ice immediately after the heat shock step and allow the cells to recover for a short period.
  • Plate the transformed cells onto an appropriate selective agar medium and incubate for the recommended amount of time at the appropriate temperature.
  • Analyze the resulting colonies for your desired traits or characteristics.


BLR(DE3) Competent Cells have a wide range of applications in molecular biology research and related fields. Some of the common applications include:

  • Cloning and subcloning
  • Plasmid amplification
  • Site-directed mutagenesis
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Protein expression and purification

The versatility and high performance of these competent cells make them suitable for a variety of experimental setups and research objectives.


The BLR(DE3) Competent Cells offered by Novagen are a recA derivative of BL21 that provide researchers with improved plasmid monomer yields and enhanced stability for target plasmids containing repetitive sequences. With their optimized composition and specialized features, these competent cells offer exceptional performance and reliability in a wide range of molecular biology applications. By choosing BLR(DE3) Competent Cells, researchers can confidently pursue their research goals, knowing they have a reliable and effective tool at their disposal.

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