High-quality Blood Grouping Anti-A IgM Reagent: Precision-enhanced Monoclonal Murine Antibody

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Product Description:

Refine blood grouping with the Blood Grouping Anti-A IgM Reagent, a monoclonal antibody developed from murine cells. This reagent, ideal for blood transfusion services, promotes safe and precise blood grouping.

Key Features:

  • Comprised of a Monoclonal murine IgM antibody
  • Packed in 10ml dropper bottles
  • Each box contains 10 vials

Usage Instructions:

Ensure storage between 2-8°C, steer clear of freezing, and incinerate packaging after use. Effective for 36 months after manufacture, perfect for multiple lab setups.

Ingredients and Composition:

  • Monoclonal murine IgM antibody
  • Buffer solution
  • Incorporates preservatives for longevity
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Product Description:

Stay assured of safe and efficient blood transfusion procedures with our top-notch Blood Grouping Anti-A IgM Reagent. As a critical determinant of reliable blood grouping services, this premium reagent is developed with monoclonal murine IgM antibodies, established to swiftly and precisely identify the A antigen on human red blood cells.

Monoclonal Murine IgM Antibody:

The core of this reagent nests a monoclonal murine IgM antibody, produced under rigorous quality control to guarantee its specificity and sensitivity in tracing the A antigen in blood specimens. Increase the precision and accuracy of your laboratory procedures with this powerful analytical tool.

Package Designed for Convenient Use:

Packaged in a dropper bottle for easy use during laboratory procedures, this reagent comes in a volume of 10ml, providing more than enough capacity for multiple tests. Each box includes 10 vials of the reagent, offering uninterrupted accessibility of this essential tool in your testing services.

Friendly Storage and Transportation:

Engineered with perfect storage and transportation conditions in mind – recommended between 2 and 8°C, this reagent fits for versatile laboratory environments. Its impressive shelf life of 36 months from the manufacturing date embellishes its reliability and durability.

Safe Disposal:

Upon emptying, the product packaging should be incinerated promptly to ensure safety and compliance with standard laboratory waste disposal adherence.

Key Features:

  • Monoclonal murine IgM antibody ensures specificity and sensitivity
  • Intuitively packaged in a dropper bottle and a box of 10 vials
  • 10ml volume per vial
  • Recommended storage and transport conditions range between 2 and 8°C
  • Promising shelf life of 36 months from the date of manufacture
  • Safe disposal via incineration of empty packaging
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