Blood Grouping Anti-AB IgM Reagent - Precision and Reliability for Essential Lab Testing

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Blood Grouping Anti-AB IgM Reagent is a vital product for blood transfusion protocols, ensuring safety and compatibility between patient and donor blood. The reagent detects the presence of AB antigens on red blood cells.

  • Composed using monoclonal murine IgM antibody to provide consistently accurate results
  • Ensures efficient inventory management with a shelf-life of 36 months
  • Must be stored between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius
  • 10ml dropper bottles offer convenience, with 10 bottles per box

Indispensable for laboratory use in typing and cross-matching blood, this reagent delivers reliability and precision.

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Introducing our premium 'Blood Grouping, Anti-AB, IgM Reagent - 10ml Dropper Bottle (Box of 10)', a vital instrument used by blood transfusion services. Precision and efficacy paired with excellent shelf-life and eco-friendly disposal, this product elevates the standard of lab testing.

  • Accuracy Assured: Our anti-AB blood grouping reagent ensures correct and definitive results, enhancing the accountability of laboratory testing.
  • Optimal Blend: Formulated with precision, our product contains monoclonal murine IgM antibodies, which assure the utmost reliability.
  • Diversity in Use: Valuable across different lab settings, it enhances the efficiency of crucial tests and results.
  • Durable: With an impressive shelf-life of 36 months, our product guarantees continued optimal performance.
  • Storage Instructions: To preserve its effectiveness, the product should be stored and transported at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.
  • Eco-Conscious Disposal: Packaging can be incinerated for responsible waste management, making it a sustainable choice.

Our product, packaged securely in a robust box of 10 dropper bottles, passes rigorous integrity tests. The estimated weight and volume are 0.34 kg and 0.0008 m3, respectively. Our blood grouping reagent is the perfect intersection of leading science and practical application, ensuring precision, robustness, and reliability

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