Premium Blood Grouping, Anti-B, IgM Reagent - 10ml x 10 Vials for Labs

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Product Name: High-quality Blood Grouping, Anti-B, IgM Reagent – 10ml x 10 Vials



  • Function: Designed for use in blood transfusion services ensuring safety and preciseness.
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  • Key Attributes: Each vial carries a concentration of Murine IgM antibody, guaranteeing performance and reliability.
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  • Packaging: Consists of 1 box, holding 10 dropper bottles of the reagent, facilitating easy usage.
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  • Storage: Optimal storage between 2-8℃ guarantees a long shelf life of 36 months.
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  • Dimensional Facts: Each set weighs 0.34kg, with a volume of 0.0008m3, making it compact and portable.
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Product Overview
The High-quality Blood Grouping, Anti-B, IgM Reagent is a premium diagnostic aid that brings reliability and accuracy to any laboratory's blood grouping process. With a composition of monoclonal murine IgM antibody, this top-tier reagent guarantees enhanced precision in blood grouping.

  • Superior quality anti-B IgM reagent ensures trustworthiness.
  • Formulated with monoclonal murine IgM antibody for the ultimate preciseness.
  • Easy-use 10ml dropper bottles perfectly suited for laboratory conditions.
  • A single package provides 10 vials, meeting your extensive lab requirements.

Usage and Storage
For optimal performance, the Blood Grouping, Anti-B, IgM Reagent is best stored at temperatures between 2 and 8C. Boasting a generous shelf life of 36 months post-manufacture, this product is a long-lasting resource for your lab. After usage, the package must be incinerated following manufacturer guidelines, ensuring safe disposal.

Packaging Details
Each box contains 10 vials of 10ml Blood Grouping, Anti-B, IgM reagent. The anti-contaminant packaging safeguards the reagent's effectiveness, maintaining hygiene, and promoting lab safety.

Estimated weight: 0.34kg
Estimated volume: 0.0008m3

The Anti-B, IgM Reagent is an investment in consistent quality and unfailing accuracy, making it an indispensable asset for any laboratory that requires blood grouping.

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