Innovative Blood Collection Neonates Set for Safe & Efficient Collection

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The Blood Collection Neonates Set is a comprehensive solution designed for the safe and efficient collection of neonatal blood samples. The set includes key components like an EDTA vacuum tube (4ml), 23G stainless steel vacuum needle, gauze and antiseptic compress, nitrile gloves, fabric bandage, tourniquet, 20L biohazard bag, packing bag, and vacuum holder. Designed with care to ensure the components remain undamaged during transit, this set is ideal for lab settings and comes with a detailed user manual for correct usage.

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Blood Collection Neonates Set - An Innovative Tool for Secure and Precise Blood Collection from Neonatal Patients

The Blood Collection Neonates Set brings innovation, safety, and efficiency to the forefront of neonate blood collection procedures. This comprehensive set comes packaged with all the requisite tools needed for clean, precise, and uncomplicated blood collection. It streamlines the process in both simple and complex laboratory environments, making it indispensable for a lab that handles neonate patients.

Unboxing the package introduces you to 50 individual collection units. Each unit is equipped with a K2EDTA vacuum tube, a vacuum needle, a gauze compress, nitrile gloves, an antiseptic gauze compress, a fabric bandage, and a vacuum holder. To further improve on ease of use, we also include a tourniquet, a biohazard bag, and a carrying bag in the set.

  • The K2EDTA vacuum tubes are ergonomically designed, with a 4ml capacity, 75mm length, and 12mm diameter to provide the most effective blood volume collection from neonates.
  • The vacuum needle, sized at 23G, is designed to minimize discomfort during the blood collection procedure.
  • The inclusion of gauze compresses, gloves, antiseptic compresses, and bandages ensures a hygienic approach and lowers contamination risks.

Store the Blood Collection Neonates Set between 2-30 degrees Celsius to maintain its integrity. The package's estimated weight and volume are 1.5kg and 0.018 m3 respectively, providing easy mobility for on-site collections

Note: Ensure you adhere to safe waste disposal procedures for the needles. Consider a suitable container like item S0001427 Container for disposal.

Package Content:
100 boxes, with each box containing 50 individual collection units

Embrace the innovative approach brought forward by the Blood Collection Neonates set and improve the accuracy, safety, and efficiency of your neonate blood collection process.

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