High Quality Emergency Preparedness Survival Blanket - Compact & Insulating

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Compact and Insulating Survival Blanket for Emergency Preparedness

This Survival Blanket is a necessity for emergency preparedness and outdoor encounters. Made of durable non-stretch polyester film material, it offers superior insulation by reflecting up to 90% of radiated heat. It stands up robustly against bitter temperatures and adverse weather, resisting wind and water. Sized at 220 x 140cm with a thickness of 12µm, it remains lightweight at just 0.075kg. It is packed individually in a plastic bag to maintain hygiene and includes instructions for safe use. It can be reused if appropriately cleaned and disinfected.

  • Durable and insulating material for extreme conditions
  • Non-sterile, single-use, yet reusable under specific circumstances
  • Comes with instructions for safe use
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Survival Blanket for Emergency Preparedness - Compact & Insulating

Prepare for your outdoor adventures with the added assurance of safety with our top-of-the-range Survival Blanket. Specially crafted for demanding conditions, this reliable survival blanket is an essential piece of equipment for expeditions, emergency preparedness, and perilous situations.

Made with extraordinary characteristics and high-grade material, its superior insulating capacity ensures essential body heat is conserved, even in freezing climates. Despite its capabilities, this survival blanket's compact and lightweight design means it only occupies a minimal fraction of your backpack space, proving to be a true blessing in the wilderness.

Outstanding Features:

  • Constructed from a non-stretch polyester film that blends durability and flexibility perfectly.
  • Robust and tear-resistant design, convenient to unfold and utilize.
  • Designed in a generous size of 220 x 140cm, offering a comfortable wrap-around experience.
  • The silver-coated side is capable of reflecting up to 90% of radiated heat, providing necessary warmth.
  • Offers complete protection against unforgiving weather, being wind, water, and rot-proof.
  • Remains flexible in freezing temperatures to ensure maximum comfort and ease of use.
  • Suitable for single use, non-sterile. Can be disinfected using chlorine solutions if necessary for reuse.

Comprehensive Survival Tool:

Beyond mere insulation, the survival blanket can be efficiently cut into smaller sections to cater to children. It conveniently fits into various kits, such as first-aid and midwifery kits, proving to be a versatile addition to your survival toolkit.

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