Synthetic Thermal Resistance Blanket - Supreme Comfort & Warmth in Every Fiber

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Synthetic Thermal Resistance Blanket – Ultimate Comfort & Warmth | Stay Warm and Cozy

Experience maximum warmth with our premium Synthetic Thermal Resistance Blanket. Its excellent insulation properties are crafted to suit diverse environments.

  • Material: High-quality components including 100% virgin polyester, acrylic fibers, and polyester/cotton blend.
  • Construction: Features a dry-raised texture, knitted or woven, for an appealing touch.
  • Size: Provides substantial coverage with a generous size of 200cm in length and 150cm in width.
  • Fire Resistance: Executes maximum safety with ISO12952 certification.
  • Maintenance: Simplified care with excellent quality retention post-multiple washes.

This blanket is crafted for maximum comfort, perfect for sensitive skin or allergies, and free from harmful VOCs. It is an ideal addition to your bed, outdoor activities, or camping trips.

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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Stay effortlessly warm and snug on those chilly nights with our range of Synthetic Thermal Resistance Blankets. Meticulously engineered with your comfort in mind, our selection features blankets woven or knitted from premium raw materials such as 100% virgin polyester, acrylic fibres, or a polyester-cotton blend. These blankets offer unrivalled warmth and comfort when you need them the most.

  • Superior thermal resistance: Our blankets boast an impressive thermal resistance with a minimum Rct of 0.25m².K/W, ensuring warmth is retained to the highest degree. This sets a new standard in thermal insulation for blankets.
  • High-quality materials: The virgin polyester, acrylic fibres or polyester-cotton blend used in these blankets assures they are exceptionally warm, cozy, and durable. Free from harmful VOCs, they are safe for anyone and everyone.
  • ISO 12952 certified: Your safety is our priority. Our blankets are ISO 12952 certified, providing assurance of their fire-resistant properties for an added measure of safety.
  • Size and weight: Each blanket measures 200cm in length and 150cm in width, providing a good spread for all your comfort needs. They have a substantial thickness of 6.5mm minimum, ensuring superior insulation and comforting heaviness. With a weight of 1.2 to 2.1kg, you can enjoy a secure, cosy sleep.
  • Durable and practical packaging: Each blanket is conveniently packaged in watertight micro perforated plastic film and comes housed in a polypropylene or jute woven bag. This makes the blankets suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, keeping them protected and pristine.

Our Synthetic Thermal Resistance Blankets, offering ultimate comfort & warmth, are designed to retain their size and strength even after multiple washes, translating to an excellent investment for years of comfort. Wrap yourself in the plush delight of these blankets and enjoy unmatched warmth like never before!

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