High-Protein Energy Biscuits CAR/16x400g: Nutritious Energy for the Active Individuals

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High-Protein Energy Biscuits CAR/16x400g serve as an excellent source of on-the-go nutritious energy. Manufactured with top-tier raw materials, the biscuits offer:

  • Protein-Packed: Contribution of 10.0-15.0g protein per 100g for immediate energy surge.
  • Complete Nutrition: Formulation enriched with vital vitamins and minerals.
  • Extended Durability: 24-month shelf life ensuring usability over time.
  • Prolonged Freshness: Individual wrapping to secure taste and freshness.
  • Convenient Mobility: Efficient packaging designed for easy transportation and storage.

Suitable for both regular and emergency circumstances, these biscuits are your reliable partner for nourishment and energy.

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High-Protein Energy Biscuits CAR/16x400g: Your Source of Nutritious Energy On-The-Go

Fuel your body quickly and efficiently with High-Protein Energy Biscuits CAR/16x400g. These nutrition-rich biscuits, loaded with health benefits, provide a speedy, satisfying solution for your busy day. They keep you revitalized and energetic, making them a preferable snack option for those always on-the- move.

Sustained Energy Supply

No more being victim to the midday sluggishness. These biscuits contain high energy, delivering 450 kcal per serving, providing you with a constant energy supply throughout your day.

Vitamins and Minerals Fortification

High-Protein Energy Biscuits are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to improve your health and wellness. They contain Vitamin A for enhanced vision, Vitamin E for skin health, and B Vitamins for improved brain function. Furthermore, these healthful treats offer:

  • Calcium for stronger bones,
  • Iron for better circulatory health,
  • Magnesium for optimal muscle function,
  • Iodine to boost your metabolism.

Enhanced Shelf-life with Secure Packaging

High-Protein Energy Biscuits are packed in moisture-resistant metallic laminates that keep them fresh for longer. The sturdy nature of the cardboard boxes used for packaging also aids in stackable storage and transportation, making them a highly convenient option for limited storage spaces.

Perfect Travel and Emergency Snack

With a shelf-life exceeding two years, these biscuits serve as an ideal choice for travelling or as emergency provisions. They provide nutritious, high-quality sustenance when meal prep is a hassle. Plus, they can be devoured anytime, anywhere.

Taste & Nutrition In Harmony

Why choose between taste and health? Get the best of both with our High-Protein Energy Biscuits. Savor the convenience and delight in wholesome, nutritious snacking.

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