BioStab PCR Optimizer - Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy of PCR Reactions

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  • BioStab PCR Optimizer – Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy of PCR Reactions
  • Specifically formulated additive to improve PCR performance
  • Effective for amplifying targets with high GC content (>70% GC)
  • Enhances yield and specificity in PCR reactions
  • Ensures reliable and consistent results
  • Try BioStab PCR Optimizer today and achieve improved PCR performance
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The BioStab PCR Optimizer is a specially formulated additive designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of PCR reactions. Whether you are conducting research, diagnostic tests, or other applications that require efficient and reliable PCR amplification, BioStab PCR Optimizer is an excellent choice for optimizing your PCR reactions.

PCR amplification of targets with high GC content (>70% GC) can be challenging due to the presence of secondary structures and stable hairpins, which make it difficult for DNA polymerase to access and amplify the desired sequences. BioStab PCR Optimizer has been specifically developed to overcome these challenges and amplify these challenging targets with greater efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: BioStab PCR Optimizer improves the efficiency of PCR reactions, even for targets with high GC content, by increasing the accessibility of DNA polymerase to the template DNA.
  • Improved Yield: With the use of BioStab PCR Optimizer, you can expect higher yields of amplified products, ensuring you have enough material for downstream applications.
  • Increased Specificity: The optimized PCR reactions using BioStab PCR Optimizer result in higher specificity, reducing non-specific amplification and ensuring reliable and accurate results.
  • Consistent Performance: BioStab PCR Optimizer provides consistent performance, ensuring reproducible results across different PCR reactions.

Composition and Usage Recommendations:

BioStab PCR Optimizer contains a proprietary blend of components that work synergistically to improve PCR performance:

  • DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide): DMSO is a commonly used PCR additive that helps to overcome secondary structures and increases the solubility of template DNA, facilitating efficient PCR amplification.
  • PCR Enhancers: BioStab PCR Optimizer also contains PCR enhancers that further improve the efficiency and specificity of PCR reactions.
  • Stabilizers: The stabilizers present in BioStab PCR Optimizer help to maintain the integrity of the reaction mix, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

BioStab PCR Optimizer is supplied as a ready-to-use solution, making it convenient and easy to use. Simply add the recommended amount of BioStab PCR Optimizer to your PCR reaction mix to achieve optimal results. The recommended concentration of BioStab PCR Optimizer may vary based on the specific PCR assay and target being amplified. It is recommended to optimize the concentration of BioStab PCR Optimizer for each specific PCR reaction to achieve the best results.


With its ability to enhance PCR efficiency and accuracy, BioStab PCR Optimizer finds applications in a variety of research, diagnostic, and industrial settings:

  • Research studies requiring sensitive and accurate PCR amplification.
  • Detection of rare genetic variants or mutations.
  • Pathogen detection and identification.
  • Forensic DNA analysis.
  • Clinical diagnostics and genetic testing.
  • Environmental analysis and microbial detection.

BioStab PCR Optimizer is compatible with a wide range of thermal cyclers and PCR protocols, making it a versatile tool for PCR optimization.

Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your PCR reactions with BioStab PCR Optimizer. With its advanced formulation, BioStab PCR Optimizer effectively amplifies challenging targets with high GC content, providing improved yield and specificity in your PCR reactions. Consistent and reliable results can be expected, ensuring the success of your research or diagnostic applications.

Try BioStab PCR Optimizer today and unlock the full potential of your PCR assays!

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