Heat-Resistant 250ml Plastic Beaker Set for High Precision Lab Operations | Set of 6

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Product: Heat-Resistant 250ml Plastic Beaker Set. Description: These autoclavable polypropylene beakers enhance accuracy and reliability in laboratory functioning. Key features include:

  • Heat Resistance: can withstand temperatures up to 121u00b0C for safe handling.
  • Pouring Spout: designed for hassle-free pouring.
  • Clear Graduations: embossed on the surface for precise measurements.
  • Hexagonal Base: provides stability during use.
  • Volume: each set contains six 250ml beakers, promoting efficiency and accuracy in various laboratory operations.
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Introducing the quintessential solution for advanced lab functionality and precise results, our Heat-Resistant 250ml Plastic Beaker Set for Accuracy and Reliability in Laboratory Functioning, Set of 6. Rendered from top-tier autoclavable polypropylene, these robust beakers endure temperatures up to 121u00b0C fostering paramount safety and versatility in labs.

  • Constructed using the finest polypropylene that imparts superior resistance to high temperatures, these beakers are perfect for a diverse range of experimental conditions.
  • The attention to design can be seen in each beaker's integrated spout, it's been crafted to facilitate effortless pouring and reduce the possibility for substance loss.
  • Achieving scientific precision becomes foolproof with embossed graduations initiating from 25ml, offering accurate measurements needed for bulletproof experimental results.
  • A beautifully designed wide hexagonal base ensures maximum stability, mitigating potential risks for tipping while stirring or mixing.
  • Constructed to cater an extensive range of lab procedures, our beakers are your reliable partner for measuring, mixing, and heating chemical substances efficiently.
  • This pack comprises six beakers, each flaunting a 250ml capacity. The estimated weight of each pack is 0.9 kg and the estimated volume is 0.012 m3.

Invest in our Heat-Resistant Plastic Beakers to accelerate your laboratory processes, ensuring superior durability and precision. Step up your academic or commercial lab operations with ease and efficiency like never before!

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