Battery Gel-Cell 12V/115Ah: Your Dependable, Maintenance-Free Energy Source

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Battery Gel-Cell 12V/115Ah: Reliable & Maintenance-Free Power for Telecoms and Solar Applications

An optimal power solution, the Battery Gel-Cell 12V/115Ah suits telecom and solar power systems perfectly. This leak-free gel cell battery offers:

  • Durable Structure: Provides safe discharge to low levels, ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • Ease of Use: Features quick recharge ability, decreases downtime
  • Quality Assurance: Produced in compliance with the ISO9000 Standard for reliable use
  • Long Life: Presents up to 24 months of shelf life, apt for backup power resources
  • Compatibility: Matches seamlessly with numerous VHF/HF base station transceivers, repeaters, and Neste Naps solar systems
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Battery Gel-Cell 12V/115Ah: Reliable & Maintenance-Free Power Source

The Battery Gel-Cell 12V/115Ah stands as a beacon of modern technology and efficiency. With a design tailored to meet the needs of diverse industries - ranging from telecoms to solar applications - this product offers dependable, sealed, maintenance-free energy.

Engineered as an adept replacement for Neste Naps solar system batteries, the Battery Gel-Cell 12V/115Ah is your perfect match for powering VHF/HF base station transceivers and repeaters. In addition, its deep-discharge protection ensures both your devices and the battery remain unharmed, even in extreme conditions.

Product Specifications

  • Sealed 12V/115Ah Lead-Acid Gel Cell: Enjoy stress-free usage with a reliable power source that eliminates maintenance hassles.
  • ISO9000 Certified: Impeccable quality assurance guaranteed by a paramount global standard.
  • Deep-Discharge Protection: Ensures device safety and enhances battery longevity under strenuous circumstances.
  • Rapid Rechargeability: Enables swift restoration of full power.
  • Low Self-Discharge Current: Provides a shelf life of up to 24 months, thereby ensuring resource sustainability.
  • Long Service Lifetime: Designed for a significant 6-year lifespan, making it a smart and valuable investment.

Product's Dimension and Weight

  • Weight: 40.3kg
  • Volume: 0.017cbm
  • Dimensions: 28 x 27 x 23cm

Get it Delivered Safely

The Battery Gel-Cell 12V/115Ah complies with air and UPS transport safety regulations when fully charged, promising a safe and quick delivery at your convenience.

User Guidelines

  • Charge prior to initial use for best performance.
  • To maintain quality during prolonged storage, remember to top-charge and recharge every 2-3 months.
  • Ideal for NAPS power packs (catalogue numbers: S0006900 and S0006901).
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