High-Performance Alkaline 'C' Battery for Power-Intensive Devices

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Superior Alkaline ‘C’ Battery for Optimal Power Delivery

Our 1.5V Alkaline ‘C’ Battery is a premium-quality, dependable power source manufactured for battery-dependent devices, with torches/flashlights being a prime example. This compact, dry cell type battery carries alkaline chemistry and is designed for performance under extreme temperatures from -20°C to 54°C.

  • Battery Type: Dry cell, C or LR14
  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Size & Weight: Approx. 66g, 26 x 50mm
  • Material Composition: Zinc anode, Manganese dioxide cathode, Alkaline electrolyte, Steel can housing
  • Performance Range: -20°C to 54°C, Humidity: 5% to 95%

Engineered for endurance, the battery offers an excellent shelf life of 5 years. Dispose responsibly adhering to local laws. Optimal storage temperature: -20°C to 30°C.

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    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

High-Quality Alkaline 'C' Battery for Delivery of Superior Power

Invest in the reliability and high-performance of our Superior Power 'C' Alkaline Battery. Exclusively crafted for high-demand appliances such as torches and flashlights, this battery guarantees unwavering operation and unparalleled power output at any given time, keeping your devices running smoothly and efficiently.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • High-capacity Alkaline 'C' or commonly known LR14 battery
  • Maintains a stable 1.5V for consistent power delivery
  • Dimensions fit perfectly to a variety of equipment - 26 x 50mm
  • Packed with Alkaline (Dry Cell) composition for high energy density
  • Weighs approximately 66g with a volume of 44cdm
  • Built for superior performance across a wide range of temperatures
  • Extended shelf life courtesy of its sturdy construction

Benefits of Using Our 'C' Alkaline Battery:

  • Lasting power supply with its high energy density
  • Optimized efficiency with minimal resource consumption
  • Easy installation and replacement with distinct positive (+) and negative (-) marking

Usage Tips:

It's essential to follow device manufacturer guidelines while installing the battery. Ensure correct alignment of the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. Consider replacing the battery when the power output starts to decline. Choosing our Superior Power 'C' Alkaline Battery grants you access to efficient, reliable, and high-performance power solutions.

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