High-Quality Bandage Gauze Roll for Comprehensive Wound Care

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High-Quality Bandage Gauze Roll for Optimal Wound Care and IV Dressing is expertly crafted from pure cotton, ensuring high absorbency and promoting healing. Its 8cm x 4m dimension makes it highly efficient for various dressing needs.

  • Premium Material: Composed of 100% cotton ensuring superb absorbency and promotes healing.
  • Practical Size: The 8cm x 4m size is adequate for application on wound care and IV placements.
  • User Safety: Each package contains comprehensive details such as the manufacturer’s name, product reference, lot number, and expiry date to ensure users’ safety.
  • Convenience: Designed to be non-adhesive, non-elastic, X-ray undetectable, and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Hygiene: Recommended for single-use to avoid cross-contamination. It is incinerable post use.
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High-Quality Bandage Gauze Roll for Optimal Wound Care and IV Dressing

The Bandage Gauze Roll is a top-grade medical accessory designed for maximum wound care and Intravenous (IV) dressing. With dimensions of 8 cm x 4 m, this advanced product is adaptable to various medical needs. Manufactured from absorbent gauze of plain weave, the bandage gauze roll ensures comprehensive wound absorption, resulting in an enhanced patient comfort.

As a single-use product, it guarantees hygienic conditions throughout every wound dressing procedure, promoting safe and rapid wound healing. This versatility, combined with its high absorbency and single-use design, make it a crucial tool in medical facilities.

  • Premium quality: It is a high-quality bandage gauze meticulously designed for optimal wound care and IV dressing.
  • Flexible size: With dimensions of 8 cm x 4 m, it's adaptable for a wide range of medical tasks.
  • High absorbency: It's constructed from absorbent cotton gauze, promising maximal absorption and comfort.
  • Hygienic and safe: The single-use design ensures a sterile environment for each wound dressing, enhancing the safety quotient.

The Bandage Gauze Roll is engineered with the following technical specifications:

  • It's fabricated using 100% cotton, enhancing absorbency
  • The bandage has a weight of approximately +/- 27.5g/m2
  • The product’s thread count is Warp: 12 threads/cm and Weft: 8 threads/cm, indicative of its robust quality
  • The bandage is non-elastic, non-adhesive, and non-detectable in X-rays

Packed individually in a plastic bag, the Bandage Gauze Roll has pertinent information clearly displayed – including the manufacturer's name, product reference, lot number, and expiry date. Strict adherence to the safety process is vital, ensuring the single-use principle. After use, the bandage is recommended to be incinerated under controlled conditions.

Note: For maintained quality and effectiveness, it is advised that the Bandage Gauze Roll be stored in dry conditions.

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