Absorbent Cotton Gauze Bandage 5cm x 5m Roll - Premium Wound Care Product

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Stay prepared for emergencies with the premium Bandage Gauze 5cm x 5m Roll. This 100% pure cotton, absorbent gauze is crafted specifically for immediate wound care. It’s single-use, non-elastic and non-adhesive nature makes it ideal for dressing uninfected wounds.

  • Specifications: Each roll measures 5cm x 5m, providing ample coverage for most wounds.
  • X-Ray Transparency: Doesn’t interfere with radiographic imaging due to its non-detectable composition.
  • Thread Count: Optimal absorption ensured by 12 threads/cm (warp) and 8 threads/cm (weft) weaving.
  • Sterility: Crafted to be non-sterile for dressing uninfected wounds.
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Absorbent Cotton Gauze Bandage (5cm x 5m) - Your Reliable Companion for Effective Wound Care

Our Absorbent Cotton Gauze Bandage is a premium wound care essential that delivers optimal protection and comfort. Manufactured from 100% raw cotton, this gauze bandage serves as an effective solution for dressing wounds and securing IV placements. Its generous size of 5cm in width and a roll of about 5m in length makes it an economical choice, fit for multiple uses.

  • Made from carefully selected, purified and bleached textile with a plain weave, this bandage assures safe skin contact.
  • Emphasizing user comfort and convenience, the bandage is both non-elastic and non-adhesive, allowing for easy application and removal.
  • This bandage sports a lightweight design, with a weight of a mere 27.5g/m2, ensuring maximum comfort during prolonged wear.
  • Despite its soft texture, the high thread count of 12 threads/cm in the warp and 8 threads/cm in the weft contributes to its robustness and durability.
  • Our products come with comprehensive labeling on the primary packaging, detailing essential product features, usage guidelines, brand, and manufacturer information, along with an explicit declaration of the product being non-sterilized and for single use.
  • The bandage roll is individually packed in a plastic bag, ensuring the product stays perfectly protected and in top-notch condition until you need to use it.
  • Each secondary package contains ten individually packed gauze bandages for your convenience.
  • Designed with safety protocols in mind, our gauze bandage is marked for single use only, with post-use disposal via incineration in a controlled environment recommended.
  • We recommend storing the product in a dry environment to conserve its premium quality.

This Absorbent Cotton Gauze Bandage is designed with the users' needs in mind. It is versatile, easy to use, and aligned with common usage requirements. Trust in its potent wound care qualities to make your journey of recovery swift and comfortable.

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