High-Capacity 2000ml Urine Collection Bag for Hassle-Free Medical Use

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High-Capacity 2000ml Urine Collection Bag for Reliable Urine Collection

  • Outstanding Capacity: Specifically designed 2000ml medical collection bag suitable for high urine output situations and prolonged monitoring.
  • Premium Material: Made from medical-grade, durable plastic, ensuring safe and reliable usage.
  • Detailed Reading: Equipped with graduated markings every 100ml for enhanced precision and accurate urine volume calculation.
  • Effortless Installation: Features strong reinforced eyelets for easy hanging.
  • User-Friendly Design: Comes with a transparent, kink-resistant inlet tube provided with universal connector and protective cap.
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Introducing the robust, reliable, and high-capacity 2000ml Urine Collection Bag. A solution meticulously developed for hassle-free urine collection. This medical-grade tool is perfect for use in various settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, for dialysis patients, and post-surgery recovery.

  • Made from medical-grade plastic for exceptional resistance against abrasion; it offers the needed flexibility and durability.
  • A high capacity 2000ml bag caters to long-term usage; frequent change-outs are not necessary.
  • The bag features graduated measurements marked every 100ml to ensure accurate urine output tracking.
  • Our designed reinforced eyelets help in easy and secure hanging.
  • The product comes with an 85-95cm kink-resistant, and transparent inlet tube that prevents backflow. It also includes a universal connector and protective cap for hygiene.

The bag is made from either Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), known for their strength, durability, and excellent chemical resistance. PVC is used for the tube, connector, and protective cap to offer flexibility and resistance against abrasion, oil, and gas.

  • The urine collection bag is a single-use product designed to limit the risk of cross-contamination and make hygiene a priority.
  • The bag fulfills non-sterile requirements, making it suitable for non-surgical usage.

Our packaging consists of a single unit for ultimate convenience. The over-packaging includes ten (10) urine bags in one plastic bag, making it a value-packed purchase for bulk needs. This design makes it an essential part of any comprehensive medical kit for on-the-go or emergency situations.

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