20L Biohazard Bags Bulk Pack - Exceptional Bio-Hazardous Waste Disposal Solution

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Securely store and dispose bio-hazardous waste with 20L Biohazard Bags (Pack of 100). These vibrant colored bags are easily identifiable, marked with both the biohazard symbol and text. Key features include:

  • Durable Build: Designed for prevention of leakage and secure handling of harmful waste.
  • Vibrant Colors: Comes in yellow, red, or orange ensuring swift identification.
  • Evident Markings: Clear biohazard indications through text and symbol.
  • Secure Seal: Equipped with metal closure strip for secure sealing.
  • Safe Disposal: Autoclavable, ensuring both secure and environmentally-friendly disposal.

These 20L bags cater a range of professional setups dealing with biohazardous waste effectively and securely. Each pack contains 100 bags of 20L capacity.

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Reliable Biohazard Disposal With Our Superior 20L Biohazard Bags

When it comes to handling and disposing of bio-hazardous waste, safety, reliability, and compliance are paramount. Our Premium 20L Biohazard Bags are designed to meet this need. Manufactured from durable, high-quality materials, these autoclavable bags provide an exceptionally secure containment solution for bio-hazardous waste in laboratories, medical facilities, and industries.

  • Highly Versatile: Generous 20L capacity for substantial waste collection tailored to high usage scenarios.
  • Uncompromised Visibility: Choose from vibrant yellows, reds, or oranges, all clearly marked with the unmistakable 'biohazard' text and standard black biohazard symbol. Maintain safety compliance through high visibility whether in storage or transportation.
  • Robust Safety Measures: Each bag comes with a reusable metallic strip to deliver an airtight seal, ensuring optimum safety during transportation and disposal stages.
  • Value Pack: Delivered in packs of 100, these bags provide a reliable waste management solution catering to long-term use.
  • Exceptional Durability: Built for safety, the Biohazard Bags are autoclavable, promoting safe disposal methods and maintaining high hygiene standards.

Long-lasting Storage and Preservation

For optimal performance and preservation, store the Biohazard Bags between 15 to 25°C. With a shelf life extending up to 60 months from the manufacturing date, our biohazard bags provide a lasting solution for your waste management needs. Each box contains 100 individual 20L Biohazard Bags.

Convenience Ensured

Specifically designed for user convenience, the full pack has an estimated weight of 10.0kg and an approximate volume of 0.0364m³, to ensure effortless storage and transportation.

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