Compact Dry EC Plates - Fast and Precise Solution for E. Coli Detection

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Compact Dry EC Plates provide an avant-garde approach for prompt and exact detection of E. Coli in water systems. These plates, featuring a specialized E. Coli-specific culture medium, deliver results with unprecedented speed and precision, using the unique chromogenic enzyme substrate (X-GLUC). Carefully designed for convenience, they require minimal setup, with easy rehydration and incubation procedures. The plates can remain effectively stored at room temperature, offering an exceptional shelf life of 18 months. Each pack consists of 1404 plates, promising both value and volume. Key highlights:

  • Accuracy: Provided by E. Coli-specific culture medium.
  • Convenience: Characterized by simple setup procedures.
  • Economy: Extending to shelf life and storage conditions.
  • Volume: With comprehensive packaging of 1404 plates.
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Compact Dry EC Plates: Revolutionizing E. Coli Detection with Speed and Accuracy

Embrace the future of bacteriological testing with Compact Dry EC Plates. Engineered to redefine and improve E. Coli detection in drinking water samples, these plates have emerged as a reliable and rapid solution. Easy to utilize and efficient, the plates turbocharge laboratory procedures and trim down testing time.

Unprecedented Features

  • Engineered for speedy enumeration of E. coli colonies, accelerating the delivery of significant results.
  • Uses a chromogenic enzyme substrate (X-GLUC) for E. coli, producing a distinctive blue color for facile identification.
  • Comes in a compact size with 1404 plates per box, ideally suited for high-volume testing scenarios.
  • Features a cold water-soluble gelling agent within the testing medium for superior detection process.
  • Efficient rehydration process necessitating only 1mL of the diluted sample for unerring results.
  • Promises prompt result delivery within 20-24 hours following incubation at 35C.

Unparalleled Benefits

Compact Dry EC Plates also offer an extended shelf life of 18 months, eliminating the necessity for refrigeration. This translates to convenient room temperature storage (1 - 30C) and readiness for use anytime. These plates remarkably simplify bacteriological testing methods, making them a cost-effective choice for frequent testing situations.

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