AWD Periphery Kit Equipment: Comprehensive & Tabulated Healthcare Tools

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Upgrade your medical provisions with the AWD Periphery Kit Equipment: Comprehensive Healthcare Tools | Premium Medical Assistance Kit. Designed for exceptional patient care, this complete kit accommodates various medical procedures:

  • Child and Mother Scale & Infant Scale: Accurate, multi-age weight measurements.
  • Deaver Scissors & Kocher Artery Forceps: Essential tools for surgical tissue and blood vessel requirements.
  • Stainless Steel Kidney Basin & Dressing Tray: Efficiently streamlines fluid handling and provides orderly medical supply storage.
  • Metallic Cameron Splints & Latex Rubber Tourniquet: Assists in fracture immobilization and efficient blood flow regulation.
  • Complete Stethoscope & Aneroid Sphygmomanometer: Facilitates reliable cardiac monitoring and BP measurements.
  • Clinical Digital Thermometer & Plastic Hand Scrubbing Brush: Ensures accurate temperature readings and surgical hand cleanliness.
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The AWD Periphery Kit Equipment is a comprehensive amalgamation of high-quality healthcare tools capable of providing unparalleled medical assistance. Each meticulously engineered component ensures both durability and efficiency, ensuring healthcare professionals are equipped for optimal patient care.

  • Child and Mother Scale: A dedicated scale tailored to measure weight up to 150kg, inclusive of batteries for instant use.
  • Infant Scale: A spring-type scale that accurately measures infant weight up to 25kg in 100g increments; a critical tool for monitoring newborn health and development.
  • Deaver Scissors: Straight, 140mm scissors designed to maintain their sharpness over extended use, facilitating effective surgical procedures.
  • Kocher Artery Forceps: Precision-engineered 140mm, straight forceps, essential for a variety of surgical procedures.
  • Stainless Steel Kidney Basin: A robust 825ml capacity basin to secure medical tools and fluids during procedures.
  • Stainless Steel Dressing Tray: Functional 300x200x30mm tray to streamline dressing changes and related medical procedures.
  • Metallic, Foldable Carmer Splints: A versatile tool to immobilize and support both adult and pediatric patients with limb injuries.
  • Latex Rubber Tourniquet: A 50cm tourniquet for controlled pressure during phlebotomy procedures.
  • Complete Binaural Stethoscope: Ideal for insightful auscultation and comprehensive patient health evaluations.
  • Aneroid Sphygmomanometer: Accurate blood pressure monitor aiding continuous patient health surveillance.
  • Clinical Digital Thermometer: Non-lithium thermometer delivering precise body temperature measurements aiding effective clinical diagnoses.
  • Plastic Hand Scrubbing Brush: Ideal for thorough hand cleaning, fostering the highest hygiene standards.

With the AWD Periphery Kit Equipment: Comprehensive Healthcare Tools, healthcare providers can deliver exceptional care with the confidence of using impeccable, premium quality tools.

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