Ascorbic Acid 250mg Tabs/PAC-1000 - Potent Vitamin C Supplement for Enhanced Health & Wellness

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Ascorbic Acid 250mg Tabs/PAC-1000 – High-quality Vitamin C Supplement

  • Product: Ascorbic Acid 250mg Tabs/PAC-1000, perfect for satisfying daily vitamin C requirements.
  • Key Ingredient: Each tablet is fortified with 250mg of pure ascorbic acid (C6H8O6), delivering substantial health benefits.
  • Format: Easy-to-use tablets, packaged in sturdy containers, each with 1000 tablets to maintain long-term stock.
  • Regulatory Information: The CAS number for these high-quality supplements is 50-81-7.
  • Potential Benefits: Regular intake may fortify immune health, promote overall wellness, and is particularly beneficial in periods of stress or illness.
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Ascorbic Acid 250mg Tabs/PAC-1000: Your Go-To Vitamin C Supplement

With the Ascorbic Acid 250mg Tabs/PAC-1000, elevate your health and wellbeing with quality and potency. Delivering 250mg of pure ascorbic acid per tablet, this supplement guarantees robust immunity and vigour, becoming a jubilant supporter of your overall health.

An Armor Against Scurvy

Our supplement stands as a decisive warrior in the battle against scurvy. Engineered to enrich your body's Vitamin C levels, it presents itself as a powerful preventive and treatment for this ailment.

Impressive Features

  • High concentration: Each tablet packs a punch with 250mg of ascorbic acid, bolstering your health.
  • Bountiful supply: Comes in packs of 1000, offering enduring health support.
  • Diverse benefits: Aids in sundry bodily functions including strengthened immunity and protection against Vitamin C deficiencies.
  • Long storage life: Its resistance to light and moisture makes it perfect for long-term storage.


Adhere to the WHO Model Formulary for ideal usage and safety measures, and consult the World Health Organization's guidelines on scurvy prevention and treatment in high-emergency situations (PDF).

Storage Guidelines

Preserve product quality and longevity by storing below 30u00b0C, out of light and moisture. Always keep children away from reach and sight.

Kit Inclusion

This supplement forms an essential part of various medical kits:

  • S9901006 - IEHK2011, kit, suppl.1-drugs
  • S9901026 IEHK 2017, kit, suppl.1-medicines
  • S9999043 Subkit 3/4 IEHK2011 Med.S9901006
  • S9999911 Subkit 1/4 IEHK2006, 1-drugs S9906623
  • S9999681 Subkit 11/13 Syria SEDL Suppl.1 kit, 2014
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