Artemeth 20mg+Lumefan 120mg - Antimalarial Combination Tablets

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Artemether 20mg + Lumefantrine 120mg Antimalarial Combination Tablets:



  • Optimized Formula: Each blister pack contains 18 tablets, with each tablet formulated with 20mg of Artemether and 120mg of Lumefantrine.
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  • Effective Malaria Treatment: Ideal for acute uncomplicated malaria treatment caused by P. falciparum as a standalone or along with other Plasmodium species in resistant areas.
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  • Enhanced Absorption: Achieves optimal efficacy when taken with fat.
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  • Durable Packaging: Provided in 30 blister packs for sufficient supply, stored securely in an original container.
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  • Preservation: Promotes a 2-year shelf life when stored under 30 degrees Celsius.
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  • Safety Precautions: Designed to be safely stowed away from children’s access.
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Artemeth 20mg+Lumefan 120mg - Superior Antimalarial Combination Therapy

Artemeth 20mg+Lumefan 120mg combination tablets provide a leading-edge treatment in the battle against acute uncomplicated malaria caused by P. falciparum. Engineered with an ideal blend of 20mg of Artemether and 120mg of Lumefantrine, each tablet in the blister pack ensures a potent antimalarial efficacy.

Both Artemether and Lumefantrine are formidable antimalarial allies, structurally designed to inhibit parasite growth within the human body. This combination aligns seamlessly with the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommended antimalarial treatment guidelines.

Remarkable Features:

  • Antimalarial Might: Each tablet houses 20mg of Artemether and 120mg of Lumefantrine, rendering an impressive antimalarial fortitude.
  • Precision-Targeted: Specially devised to counter acute uncomplicated malaria incited by P. falciparum.
  • Storage Prowess: Stays stable and effective in temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Extended Shelf-life: Assures longevity with a 24-month shelf life, endorsing continued effectiveness.
  • Bioavailability Boost: Enhanced absorption capacity when consumed with fat.
  • Compliant: Aligns rigorously with WHO's endorsed malaria treatment outlines.

With considerable effectiveness, assured safety, and an enduring shelf life, the Artemeth 20mg+Lumefan 120mg combination tablets serve as a prominent antimalarial therapeutic selection. Have confidence in our combination tablets for optimal antimalarial treatment.

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