Robust Malaria Care: Artemether 20mg & Lumefantrine 120mg Dispersible Tablets

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Effective Malaria Treatment: Artemether 20mg & Lumefantrine 120mg Dispersible Tablets designed to combat acute uncomplicated malaria infections derived from P. falciparum. Clinically verified for efficacy.

  • Formula: Leverages Artemether 20mg and Lumefantrine 120mg for maximum malarial inhibition.
  • Usage Instruction: Dilute in water following WHO directives, ideally co-administered with fat for optimal results.
  • Storage: For two years under 30u00b0C, the product remains stable.
  • Safety: To maintain safety, it is packaged in original containers and designed to be kept out of children’s reach.
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Artemether 20mg & Lumefantrine 120mg Dispersible Tablets | Effective Malaria Treatment

Experience robust and dependable malaria care with our Artemether 20mg and Lumefantrine 120mg combination dispersible tablets. Designed to tackle acute uncomplicated malaria instigated by P. falciparum and other Plasmodium species, our tablets aim to ensure the prime health and well-being of patients.

Superior Drug Composition

Each dispersible tablet encapsulates Artemether 20mg, a derivative of Artemisinin, and a synthetic racemic fluorene mixture, Lumefantrine 120mg. This potent combination delivers powerful defiance against malaria parasites, providing patients with prompt and effective relief.

Exceptional Features

  • Tailored to combat P. falciparum and a spectrum of other Plasmodium species
  • Packaging includes 12 tablets per blister pack or 30 tablets per pack for sizable usage
  • Durable with an impressive shelf-life extending up to 2 years
  • Dosage protocols coinciding with WHO guidelines for uncompromised efficacy
  • Storage recommended at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius for sustained product efficiency

Usage Instructions

For premier outcomes, dissolve the tablet fully in a minimal amount of water before taking it. If the patient happens to vomit within an hour of taking the medication, a repeat dosage is suggested. To endorse absorption excellence, take the drug conjointly with dietary fats. Dispense the tablets in their original casing and maintain a safe distance from children.

Detailed Information

For an in-depth understanding of administration directives, peek into the WHO guidelines. Bear in mind, antimalarial drug success can rely on multiple determinants like drug grade, precise dose, full treatment course, background immunity, and the patient's health condition.

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