Arsenic Test Kit, Extended Range: Quick, Accurate & Portable Water Safety Solution

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Arsenic Test Kit, Extended Range: Precise, Rapid, and Portable Water Analysis Solution – Your Essential Water Safety Tool

A groundbreaking tool for inorganic arsenic detection. This Arsenic Test Kit, complete with a clear visual indicator, provides accurate arsenic levels analysis in less than 20 minutes.

  • High-End Detection Range: Identifies arsenic levels up to 500 ppb.
  • Complete, User-Friendly Package: Comes with reagents, reaction vessels, a color chart, and illustrated instructions.
  • Two-Year Lifespan: Preserved effectiveness for 24 months.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Adheres to standards set by 49CFR and IATA.
  • Assured Safety: Accompanied by a Material Safety Data Sheet for secure use.
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Arsenic Test Kit, Extended Range: Rapid, Precise & Portable Water Testing Solution for Superior Safety Standards

Ensure the safety of your water supply with the Arsenic Test Kit, Extended Range. This quick, user-friendly, and highly precise kit gives users the ability to monitor potentially harmful levels of inorganic arsenic in their water practically anywhere. Equipped with numerous standout features such as a broad detection scope of up to 500 ppb and speedy result turnaround in less than 20 minutes, this kit is the epitome of reliability and value.

Superior Features for Optimal Convenience:

  • Rapid, precise and user-friendly arsenic detection.
  • Comprehensive detection scope of up to 500 ppb.
  • Visual color comparison technique allows straight-forward interpretation of results.
  • Includes all necessary components to carry out up to 100 tests.
  • Result turnaround in less than 20 minutes.
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly instructions provided in multiple languages.

This product removes the requirement for specialized laboratory equipment, offering convenience in the field and rapid results to quickly identify arsenic levels in drinking water. Result interpretation is facilitated by the visual color comparison method, in which the color strip's result is compared to a provided reference chart for quantification.

The Arsenic Test Kit is easily preserved thanks to its secure packaging. Simply store in a cool, dry location away from children and pets to maintain optimum efficacy. Additionally, with a generous shelf life of 24 months, you can rely on this test kit for your prolonged testing needs. Included with the kit is a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which provides detailed handling practice guidelines for user safety.

Strict adherence to 49CFR and IATA rules and regulations for shipping hazardous goods ensures the stress-free delivery of the Arsenic Test Kit, mitigating worries regarding safety in transit. The inclusion of a UN code as per UN 3316 facilitates a smoother delivery process. Choose the Arsenic Test Kit, Extended Range for a fast, reliable, and portable water safety solution.

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