Portable Arsenic Test Digital Scanner: Your Key to Safe Water Supplies

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Ensure exceptional water safety with our Portable Arsenic Test Digital Scanner. This advanced technology tool delivers accurate on-site arsenic detection from 2 ppb to 100 ppb. Manufactured in Japan, it provides reliable functionality on both battery and AC power, ideal for versatile usage. The scanner kit includes all necessary equipment along with a user guide. Focus on precision and convenience with this exceptional, portable tool designed for water safety.

  • Powering Options: Versatile operations on battery and AC power.
  • Accurate Arsenic Detection: Measures from 2 ppb to 100 ppb with precision.
  • All-Inclusive Pack: Includes the scanner, AC Adapter suitable for multiple locations, carry case, and guiding manual.
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Introducing our breakthrough product - the Portable Arsenic Test Digital Scanner. This state-of-the-art device uses advanced Japanese technology to vigilantly monitor arsenic levels in water supplies, providing a rapid, precise and accessible solution for water quality testing.

The scanner's primary advantages reside in its portability and ease of use. Its lightweight design and complementary carry case, as well as its operational capacity on both a rechargeable 4.8v 800mAh NI-Cad battery and AC adapter, make it an ideal tool for a myriad of scenarios, be it in laboratories or in the field.

With an ability to detect arsenic concentrations ranging from 2 ppb to 100 ppb, this digital scanner stands out in the market in terms of precision. Furthermore, it distinguishes itself by generating accurate correlations between detected density and arsenic concentration in the sample - promising and delivering reliable results.

The Portable Arsenic Test Digital Scanner comes as a comprehensive package that includes the scanner, an AC power adapter compatible with US, EU, and UK outlets, a carrying case for easy travel, and a user manual to assist in operating the device. This makes it a one-stop shop for arsenic testing solutions.

Designed to be user-friendly, the scanner eliminates the need for complicated storage and shipping requirements. Its in-built battery meets all safety regulatory standards, thereby allowing it to be transported safely, even by air. Each product is secure pacakged in a sturdy carton box to further ensure the integrity of the product during delivery.

Join the future with our Portable Arsenic Test Digital Scanner and experience the efficiency of swift and accurate arsenic testing. For a comprehensive water safety assurance, combine this tool with our Arsenic test kit (product code S0005521) and Consumables Arsenic test kit (product code S0005525). Enhance the quality of your water and ensure the health of those who use it.

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