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Cyan Blue Educational Armband – A Symbol of Inclusive Education

An empowering accessory advocating educational unity, this Cyan Blue Educational Armband is made of top-grade 220gsm 100% cotton twill, boasting longevity and comfort.

  • Material: Durable, easy-care cotton twill.
  • Color: Vibrant, fade-resistant cyan blue.
  • Size: Standard 420mm x 80mm – tailored for everyone’s comfort.
  • Closure: Velcro tabs ensuring a secure fit.
  • Inclusivity: Phrase designs in multiple languages endorse unity in diversity.

A regular or event wear, this armband strengthens the inclusive learning vision.

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The Cyan Blue Educational Armband: Empowering Accessory for Unified Education acts as an emblem for learning excellence and global cooperation. This remarkable piece of accessory is imbued with aesthetics and layered with meaningful elements. Every single armband is diligently crafted from an excellent grade of 100% 220gsm washed cotton twill known for its enduring durability and straightforward maintenance. The armband is bestowed with a lively cyan blue color that has undergone special processing to resist color leaching and bleaching due to exposure to water regularly.

  • Superior Material: The armband is made from 100% top-quality 220gsm washed cotton twill. This premium material ensures robustness and extended longevity to withstand repeated usage.
  • Vibrant Color: Showcasing a striking cyan blue tone that's proven to resist color fading and bleaching effects from regular water contact, ensuring a consistently vibrant appearance over prolonged use.
  • Universal Size: Sizes up at 420mm in length and 80mm in height, making it versatile enough to fit comfortably around a wide range of arm dimensions. This universal sizing makes it an inclusive accessory for all.
  • Secure Closure: Boasts of two horizontal Velcro strips (120mm x 30mm) along with one vertical Velcro strip (80mm x 30mm) at the lower end, offering secure fit and adjustable comfort level per user's requirement.
  • Inspirational Design: Exquisitely embroidered with empowering phrases in multiple languages that foster a conducive learning environment and enhance unity amid diversity.

Each Cyan Blue Educational Armband comes carefully packaged and shrink-wrapped for optimal protection during transit and storage. The armband is featured in various comprehensive educational kits such as the School-in-a-Box, School-in-a-carton, Recreation Kit, and ECD Kit; each tailored to enrich learning experiences catering to a spectrum of educational needs.

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