Arabic Student Kit Grades 5-8: Pathway to Comprehensive Arabic Proficiency

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Enhance your Arabic proficiency with the ‘Arabic Language Learning Kit for Grades 5-8’. A complete package designed specifically for students between grades 5-8 aiming to become proficient in Arabic. The detail-rich kit incorporates:

  • Books: Assorted exercise books featuring Arabic letterings (12 units)
  • Writing Aids: A mix of pens in blue and green (20 units), along with HB grade blacklead pencils (10 units)
  • Geometry Set: Essential tool for mathematical calculations and drawings (1 unit)
  • Eraser & Pencil Sharpener: Supplemental items for a comprehensive writing experience – a soft eraser for pencil markings and a robust metallic sharpener for pencil longevity (1 unit each)
  • School Bags: High-end UNICEF bags with Arabic print (20 units)
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Arabic Student Kit: Empowering Grades 5-8 with Comprehensive Arabic Language Learning Tools

Unlock the hidden treasures of the Arabic language with our revolutionary Arabic Student Kit. Preparation is pivotal when it comes to effective learning. This kit offers a comprehensive array of tools, from exercise books to writing instruments, that enable students in grades 5 to 8 reach their fullest potential in Arabic language proficiency. The kit offers a complete, engaging, and educative Arabic language learning experience that extends beyond language instruction.

Complete Language Development

The Arabic language kit explores all avenues of language development from reading and writing to comprehension. Through a variety of exercise books in A5 and A4 formats, students witness continuous growth in their Arabic language proficiency. Conceptual understanding of the language is encapsulated within countless exercises of square and ruled layouts, ensuring students experience an ease of understanding and fluency in Arabic.

Proactive Approach to Learning

The Arabic Student Kit is not just a bag of resources but a plan of action. This proactive learning plan aids students in climbing the ladder of progress in the Arabic language. Interactive exercises immerse students in the Arabic culture while allowing them to develop proficient vocabulary skills. The materials promote fluency and cultural understanding, both of which are crucial for deep and authentic language learning.

Diversified Learning

The Arabic Student Kit recognizes the importance of real-life application in learning. Hence, along with language instruction, the kit includes a geometry set to merge both language and mathematical comprehension. This multifaceted approach to learning enables students to effectively apply Arabic language skills in a practical environment.

Robust and Practical Kit Design

Modelled to extend the horizons of learning, the kit is supplied in a durable, UNICEF-branded school bag. This design allows easy transportation and storage of the kit, ensuring that the learning continues on the go. With the robust materials used in the crafting of the kit, it remains a valuable resource throughout the four academic years.

Kit Includes:

  • Four quantities of A5, square, 48-page exercise books in Arabic
  • Four quantities of A4, ruled, 96-page exercise books in Arabic
  • Four quantities of A5, ruled, 48-page exercise books in Arabic
  • Ten quantities of Blue ball-point pens
  • Ten quantities of Green ball-point pens
  • Ten quantities of Blacklead pencils, HB grade
  • A Student's Geometry set
  • A soft eraser for pencil
  • A Metal pencil sharpener
  • A UNICEF school bag measuring 400x270x100mm
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