Reusable Protective Plastic Apron for Ultimate Protection and Comfort in Healthcare

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Boost safety with our Reusable Protective Plastic Apron for healthcare applications. Constructed with premium plastic, it offers excellent protection against liquid splashes. Features include:

  • Durability: Crafted from high-grade, opaque/translucent plastic.
  • Liquid-Resistant: Shields against moisture and body fluids.
  • Desinfectable: Safely cleaned with 0.05% chlorine solution.
  • Size: Sized for adult use.
  • Thickness: Between 150-300 microns for optimal protection.
  • Reusable & Non-Sterile: Ideal for recurrent use in non-sterile settings.

Each apron is individually packaged with clear labelling to ensure quality. Note: This item is not for sterile operations.

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Superior Protection and Unmatched Comfort with Reusable Protective Plastic Apron

Discover the absolute solution for infection control in any healthcare setting with our reusable Protective Plastic Apron. This apron is designed specifically to deliver a potent barrier against moisture and stains, thereby ensuring the safest protection for frontline healthcare workers.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from top-quality opaque or translucent plastic, resistant to water and bodily fluids.
  • Disinfecting Ability: Compatible with a 0.05% chlorine solution disinfection process to grant it higher reusability.
  • Dimensions: Intentionally dimensioned for adults at a Length of 120cm (±5cm), Total length of 145cm (±5cm), and Width of 80cm (±10cm). This makes sure of an extensive coverage and perfect fit.
  • Perfect Thickness: Its thickness ranges between 150 and 300 microns, making it robust for any healthcare environment.
  • Usability: Non-sterile, reusable design promotes sustainability.

This apron is specifically created for healthcare operators performing high-risk operations. After each use, it should be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and properly dried. If there are signs of any damage, it should be disposed of.

The apron comes individually packaged in a clear plastic bag, complete with the product's name, reference, manufacturer's name, size, and type detailed. Follow the supplied storage instructions to ensure longevity.

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