Advanced Haematology Analyser: Unsurpassed Efficiency in Blood Analysis Technology

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The Advanced Haematology Analyser stands as a paramount diagnostic instrument delivering high-speed, in-depth 18-parameter Complete Blood Count (CBC) along with 5-part differential. With a capacity to deliver accurate findings for 50-100 samples each hour, it is highly efficient. It features a robust, corrosion-resistant exterior ensuring durability and reliability. Its Integrated Data Management System streamlines data analysis and comprehensive reporting.

  • Efficient Performance: Provides precise results for 50-100 samples per hour
  • Robust Constitution: Corrosion-proof exterior ensures long-term use
  • Analytical Support: In-depth reporting via an integrated system
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Introducing the Advanced Haematology Analyser: A game-changer in blood analysis technology ideal for both clinical applications and research. This high-speed, comprehensive blood analysis system transforms the regular, tedious process into an efficient operation. The robust design, superior precision, and overall efficiency of this system provides an unexcelled analysis capability, making complex blood analysis streamlined and convenient.

  • Unrivalled high-speed performance with the capability to conduct between 50 and 100 complete blood sample analyses per hour, markedly enhancing productivity in testing and diagnostics.
  • Equipped with a comprehensive 18-parameter analysis feature that provides a broad spectrum of indicators. Ranging from fundamental elements such as Red Blood Cell (RBC) count and White Blood Cell (WBC) count, to more detailed values like Red Blood Cell Distribution Width-Standard Deviation (RDW-SD), Coefficient of Variation (RDW-CV), and Platelet Distribution Width-Standard Deviation (PDW-SD), the analyser offers a thorough blood analysis.
  • An embedded data management system that optimises the analysis and reporting process by storing up to 100 patient profiles for easy access and recall. This feature vastly improves the system's usability and operational efficiency.
  • Inbuilt USB connectivity for effortless data transfer to external Personal Computers (PCs) or Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), facilitating integrated health analytics and ensuring real-time health monitoring.
  • The system also features rigorous quality control flags for abnormal results and an auto-calibration system, promising error-free readings and reliable diagnoses.
  • Supplied with standard accessories, consumables, spare parts, and cleaning materials accompanied by an extensive user manual, catering to the complete product life cycle.
  • A dedicated voltage surge protection system alongside a power requirement of 220V/50Hz guarantees product longevity and consistent operation.
  • The sleek and compact design provides efficient space usage as the product is housed in a corrosion-resistant material, giving it the requisite durability and adaptability for diverse testing conditions.

The Advanced Haematology Analyser is a quintessential component for hospital laboratories and research centers seeking cutting-edge technology for their hematology analyses. User-friendly operations accompanied by a wide range of features make this device an invaluable asset in the fight to save lives, proving its standing as the leading blood analysis technology available.

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