Ampicillin Pdr/Inj 500mg Vial - Potent Solution for Effective Antibacterial Treatment

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Ampicillin Pdr/Inj 500mg Vial/Box-100 – Effective Antibacterial Treatment

Combat bacterial infections with Ampicillin Pdr/Inj 500mg Vial/Box-100. This broad-spectrum antibiotic is delivered in a powdered, injectable format. Encased within 100 individual vials each containing 500mg of Ampicillin Sodium, it provides a powerful punch against a myriad of susceptible bacterial strains.

  • Potency: Each vial carries 500mg Ampicillin Sodium.
  • Packaging: Securely boxed, containing 100 individual vials.
  • Effectiveness: Broad-spectrum action against multiple bacterial infections.
  • Convenience: Powdered, injectable form for ease of use and versatility.
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Ampicillin Pdr/Inj 500mg Vial - A Comprehensive Solution Towards Treating Bacterial Infections Effectively

Ampicillin Pdr/Inj 500mg Vial/Box-100 serves as a potent antibiotic renowned for its remarkable antibacterial action. The product bundle includes 100 vials with each holding 500mg of Ampicillin powder, which readily converts into a solution for IM/IV injections after reconstitution.

With Ampicillin Sodium equivalent to 500mg Ampicillin being the active ingredient, the medicine is a powerful weapon in the fight against a wide variety of bacterial infections. The broad-spectrum antibiotic property of Ampicillin expands its utility across versatile antibiotic therapies.

Accurate dosage and usage instructions as per WHO Model Formulary 2008, WHO Model Formulary for Children 2010, and WHO Packet book for hospital care for Children 2013 are key to the successful use of this antibiotic.

  • Ampicillin comes with a shelf life of 3 years, promising the preservation of its efficacy for extended periods.
  • The storage and transportation requirements for this product range between 15u00b0C to 25u00b0C to ensure its effectiveness.
  • During dispensing, maintaining the original container is critical. It is essential to note that the packaging doesn't include a solvent for reconstitution. This requires the use of injection water to dissolve the content of each vial.
  • Integration with a KIT is another flexibility that the Ampicillin Pdr/Inj 500mg Vial/Box-100 offers.

Alternative options for this product include S1505099 Ampicillin Pdr/Inj, packaged in 50-vial boxes. This ensures that providers have a range of options to suit their specific needs.

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