Amod 270mg+Arte100mg Tablets: Efficient Malaria Treatment

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Product Description: Presenting ‘Amod 270mg+Arte100mg Tablets’, your dependable aid in the fight against Malaria. This dual pack contains Amodiaquine Hydrochloride 352.64mg and Artesunate 100mg, meticulously dispersed in each tablet. The therapeutics used reveal a streamlined blend of 4-Aminoquinolone and Artemisinin derivatives.

  • Usability: Refer to the WHO guidelines for usage of this Anti-malarial medication.
  • Dispensing: Ensure that the dispensing is from the original pack. Tablets can be crushed or broken as per requirement.
  • Shelf Life and Storage: An optimal shelf life of 24 months under conditions below 30° C will enhance their usability. Kindly store these tablets out of reach from children.

Conveniently packed in a fixed blister pack of 6, these tablets guarantee an effective solution against malaria.

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Amod 270mg+Arte100mg Tablets: Your Trusted Weapon Against Malaria

Amod 270mg+Arte100mg Tablets are a robust defense against malaria. Supercharged with Amodiaquine Hydrochloride 352.64mg (equivalent to Amodiaquine base 270mg) and Artesunate 100mg, these innovative bilayer tablets effective therapy for fighting this disease.

  • Complies with the WHO Guidelines for Malaria treatment witnessing its effectiveness.
  • The key ingredient, Amodiaquine, is a part of the 4-Aminoquinolone family, a crucial component in anti-malarial medications.
  • Artesunate, is an Artemisinin derivative, recognized for its substantial impact on eradicating malaria.
  • Accompanied by 25 blister packs, and each pack contains 6 tablets, our product ensures a compact yet efficient package against malaria treatment.
  • The tablets can be conveniently crushed or broken according to patient comfort.

Storage Instructions and Shelf Life

The Amod 270mg+Arte100mg Tablets have an impressive shelf life of 2 years (24 months). Always store them below 30u00b0C (86 u00b0F) and ensure they are kept out of sight and reach of children. Using the original container for storage without repacking helps in retaining the medication's potency.

Available Formulations and Therapeutic Class

We aim to cater to diverse needs and requirements with our varied formulations and pack sizes. Positioned under the therapeutic class of 4-Aminoquinolone and Artemisinin derivative, our product is a compelling contender against Malaria. Always refer to the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines and the WHO Model Formulary for in-depth details. The Amod 270mg+Arte100mg Tablets are more than medication. They are your trusted partner in health and resilience.

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