AK1 Human Recombinant - High Purity Protein for Cellular Energy Metabolism

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  • AK1 Human Recombinant – High Purity Protein for Cellular Energy Metabolism
  • Expressed in E. coli
  • 95% purity (SDS-PAGE)
  • ATP-AMP phosphotransferase
  • ATP-AMP transphosphorylase 1
  • Adenylate kinase isoenzyme 1
  • Adenylate monophosphate kinase
  • Myokinase
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AK1 Human Recombinant - High Purity Protein for Cellular Energy Metabolism

Welcome to our website, where we are pleased to offer AK1 Human Recombinant - a high-quality protein that plays a crucial role in cellular energy metabolism.

  • Expressed in E. coli: Our AK1 Human Recombinant protein is produced using an efficient expression system involving E. coli bacteria. This ensures a reliable and consistent supply of the protein.
  • High Purity (95% SDS-PAGE): We take pride in offering you a product with a purity of 95% as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis. This high level of purity guarantees optimal performance and accurate experimental results.
  • SRP6121: The variant we provide is specifically designated as SRP6121. This unique identifier allows for easy identification and traceability of the product.
  • ATP-AMP Phosphotransferase: AK1 acts as an ATP-AMP phosphotransferase, facilitating the transfer of phosphate groups between ATP and AMP. This enzymatic activity is crucial for sustaining energy balance in cells.
  • ATP-AMP Transphosphorylase 1: AK1 is also known as ATP-AMP transphosphorylase 1, denoting its role in mediating the transfer of phosphate groups between ATP and AMP molecules. This activity is vital for maintaining proper cellular function.
  • Adenylate Kinase Isoenzyme 1: AK1 is a specific isoform of adenylate kinase, named isoenzyme 1. This isoform is found in various tissues and contributes to the regulation of energy metabolism.
  • Adenylate Monophosphate Kinase: AK1 is an adenylate monophosphate kinase, responsible for the interconversion of AMP and ADP by transferring the phosphate group from ATP to AMP. This process is essential for maintaining cellular energy homeostasis.
  • Myokinase: Another name for AK1 is myokinase. As myokinase, it plays a critical role in the transfer of phosphate groups between AMP and ADP to generate ATP, ensuring a sustainable energy supply for cellular processes.

This AK1 Human Recombinant product offers researchers a valuable tool for studying cellular energy metabolism and its associated processes. With its high purity and reliable expression system involving E. coli, it provides a reliable and consistent source of AK1 protein for various applications in biochemistry, enzymology, and cell biology.

For more details about this product, including availability, pricing, and technical specifications, please visit our website or contact our knowledgeable customer service team.

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