Airway Guedel Size 3 - Premium Single-Use Sterile Airway Device

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Airway Guedel Size 3 – High-Quality Sterile Airway Device for Optimum Patient Care

  • Effective Airway Management: Featured design guarantees airway patency and manages tongue obstructions efficiently
  • Premium Quality Material: Crafted from semi-rigid, transparent EVA-PVC for dependable durability
  • Optimal and Secure Positioning: Comes with a reinforced proximal end for hassle-free positioning
  • User-friendly Color Coding: Color-coded flange for easy size identification
  • Assured Sterility: Device maintained in sterile conditions, individually packaged
  • Extended Shelf Life: Offers minimum of 60 months usable shelf life
  • Essential Healthcare Device: Suits emergency and anesthetic use. A vital part of basic resuscitation kit matching top hygiene standards
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Airway Guedel Size 3 - Your Ideal Solution for Single-Use Sterile Airway Device

Optimum patient care begins with quality medical devices. Our Airway Guedel Size 3 is a top-tier, meticulously designed oropharyngeal airway device tailored for single-patient use in emergency and anesthesia applications. Notably, this important tool ensures your patient's maximum respiratory function by skilfully preventing the tongue from obstructing the airway, thus providing reliable means to maintain a patent airway.

Exceptional Design and Construction

As with all our medical devices, this sterile airway device boasts significant key features:

  • An oro-pharyngeal, Guedel type airway, crafted for effectiveness and ease of use
  • A composition of sturdy Polyethylene/Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) that guarantees longevity and resistance to misuse
  • A semi-rigid, transparent design for enhanced visibility and swift patient assessment
  • A straight, reinforced proximal or buccal end for smooth navigation
  • A color-coded flange for instantaneous size assessment
  • A fitting length of approximately 80mm, ensuring suitability for diverse patient sizes
  • An estimated weight of 0.18kg and volume of 0.28 cdm for simplified handling and utilization

Indispensable Safety Measures

We prioritize patient safety. Each device is sterile packaged, significantly reducing risks of cross-contamination. The accompanying clear instructions optimize workflow during emergency response. This airway device forms an essential part of our Resuscitation kit basic (S9908400).

Comprehensive Care with Related Products

In our commitment to comprehensive care, we offer related products in multiple sizes, catering from neonate to adult patients. This consolidates our role as market leaders in providing complete care across diverse patient profiles.

Significant Shelf Life and Storage

Our product assures you of an exceptional shelf life of at least 60 months. For optimum performance, we advise storage away from extreme temperature and humidity levels. Please verify product integrity before usage for ensured patient safety.

Airway Guedel Size 3 - Trusted and Reliable for Optimum Patient Care

Place your trust in our products for high-quality medical devices. Our Airway Guedel Size 3 guarantees you the perfect combination of design, performance, safety, and patient comfort.

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