Airway Guedel Size 2: Sterile, Single-Use, Durable Oro-Pharyngeal Device

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The Airway Guedel – Size 2 is a sterile, oropharyngeal, Guedel type device designed for emergency care or anesthesia applications. It helps in maintaining a patient’s airway. Its transparency and semi-rigidity originate from its durable construction materials, Polyethylene/vinyl acetate (EVA) and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Weighing merely 0.016kg and holding compact dimensions of 0.12cdm, it offers great portability. It is thoroughly sterilized with ethylene oxide or gamma radiation and is meant for single use. With an impressive shelf life of 60 months, this lightweight device ensures patient safety.

  • Material: Polyethylene/Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide, Gamma Radiation
  • Safety: Single-use, Packaging integrity indicates safety
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Airway Guedel Size 2: Emergency Medical Gadget Crafted With Precision

Maintaining a patient's open airway during anesthesia or in emergency situations is crucial for medical professionals. The Airway Guedel Size 2 is an oro-pharyngeal device specially designed for these high-stakes scenarios. Its reliability and utility make it a staple in healthcare settings.

Exceptional Product Features:

  • Material Excellence: Our Airway Guedel is manufactured from Polyethylene/vinyl acetate (EVA) and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ensuring high durability and reliability. Its transparent and semi-rigid design facilitates easy inspection.
  • Strategic Design: With a reinforced straight proximal end, this device remains secured in its position. To assist instant identification, it features a coloured flange and measures around 70mm in length.
  • Comprehensive Sterilization: To maximize patient safety, this device undergoes exhaustive sterilization using Ethylene oxide gas or gamma radiation.
  • Longevity: With a minimum shelf life of 60 months, this device can be conveniently stored in environments away from severe temperatures and extreme humidity.
  • User-friendly Packaging: Each device is stored in a plastic bag to ensure safety and maintain hygiene.
  • Ultra-lightweight: Weighing just 0.016kg and having an estimated volume of 0.12cdm, this oro-pharyngeal device is handy and convenient for users.
  • Highest Safety Standards: To eliminate chances of cross-contamination, this Airway Guedel is designed for single-use only. The device should be discarded if its packaging is damaged or seems compromised.

Ideal Application:

For clinical environments demanding swift actions and precision, the Airway Guedel’s sizing variety caters to a multitude of patient needs. It embodies versatility and is a critical tool for open airway maintenance in emergency care and during anesthesia procedures.

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