Airway Guedel Size 1 - High-quality Sterile Single-use Airway Management

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The Airway Guedel Size 1 is a superior, single-use oro-pharyngeal airway optimized for emergency medical care and anesthetic applications. Its transparent, semi-rigid construct, paired with a color-coded flange, ensures effortless usage and identification. Enhanced stability is provided by its straight, reinforced proximal end, while sterilization via ethylene oxide gas or gamma radiation upholds the highest standards of patient safety. Boasting a length of around 60mm, it is a key element of the Resuscitation Kit Basic.

  • Efficient and safe, single-use oro-pharyngeal airway of Guedel type
  • Semi-rigid, see-through design with color-themed flange for effortless identification
  • Applies ethylene oxide gas or gamma radiation for sterilization
  • Component of the Resuscitation Kit Basic with a length around 60mm
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Efficient Sterile Single Use Airway Guedel Size 1: Your Essential Partner in Effective Airway Management

Maintaining airway patency in emergency situations or during anesthesia is crucial. The Airway Guedel Size 1 offers a sterile, single-use solution, assisting healthcare professionals in these critical situations. Its uniquely designed features ensure efficient airway visualization and control, making it a vital component in emergency care and anesthesia procedures.

Primary Features and Benefits

  • Semi-rigid, Transparent Design: Expertly designed to aid in clear and detailed airway visualization.
  • Reinforced Proximal End: Facilitates easy and safe insertion and removal to minimize patient discomfort.
  • Color-coded Flange: Allows for quick and accurate size identification, further enhancing convenience in critical situations.
  • High-Quality Material Construction: Constructed from durable Polyethylene/vinyl acetate (EVA) and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Single-patient Use: Specifically designed for single patient use, reduces the risk of cross-contamination and infection.

A Perfect Example of Functionality and Specifications:

  • Type: Oro-pharyngeal airway, Guedel type
  • Size: Approximately 60mm in length, versatile for a range of patient sizes
  • Material: Made of high-grade Polyethylene/vinyl acetate (EVA) - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Sterilization: Sterilized prior to packaging through Ethylene oxide gas or gamma radiation, ensuring safety and hygiene for every use.

Package, Storage, and Shelf-Life

Each Airway Guedel Size 1 comes individually packed in a plastic bag for hygiene purposes. Store the product at room temperature and away from high humidity or extreme temperatures. The product retains its sterility and effectiveness for up to a minimum of 60 months.

Effective Airway Management in the Palm of Your Hands

Enhance your emergency care and anesthesia procedures arsenal with the Airway Guedel Size 1. With its user-friendly design, robust construction, and comprehensive features, this product is hard-wearing and practical for every medical professional.

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