Quality Airway Guedel Size 0 - Sterile, Single-Use Oro-Pharyngeal Airway

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Quality Airway Guedel Size 0 is a sterile, single-use Oro-Pharyngeal Airway device designed for efficient airway management in emergency care and while administering anesthesia for short-term airway management. The product:

  • Features a Oro-pharyngeal, Guedel type design, that ensures optimal airway management.
  • Is Semi-rigid and transparent, enabling clear visualization during use.
  • Comes with a reinforced, straight proximal end, ensuring stability and simplifying insertion.
  • Offers a colour coded, size-marked flange, easing identification and size selection.
  • Consist of Polyethylene/vinyl acetate (EVA), and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), enhancing durability.
  • Size determination is achieved through measurement from the first incisor to the jaw angle.
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The Quality Airway Guedel Size 0 - Sterile, Single-Use Oro-Pharyngeal Airway is an indispensable tool in the healthcare industry, revolutionizing patient care by ensuring unobstructed respiration. Designed intuitively with an Oro-Pharyngeal, Guedel style, it safeguards the airway by averting obstructions and tongue-induced coverage of the epiglottis. This device is an essential accompaniment in emergency care and anesthesia.

  • Quality Construction: The device is semirigid and transparent, enabling ease of insertion and constant monitoring, making it ideal across various clinical settings. The straight, reinforced proximal (buccal) end intensifies durability, thus extending its usage life and enhancing patient comfort.
  • User-friendly: Featuring a distinctively marked, colour coded flange to enable medical professionals to swiftly identify the device size.
  • Superior Material: Manufactured with Polyethylene, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), ensuring comfort while maintaining impeccable functionality.
  • Sterilization: To guarantee safety, the device is sterilized using Ethylene oxide gas or gamma ray radiation to mitigate infection risks.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Comes with a minimum shelf life of 60 months, requires storage away from extreme temperature and humidity for sustained potency and integrity.
  • Packaging: Each package contains one sterile, single-use Airway Guedel safeguarded inside a hygienic plastic bag until the point of use.

NB: For guaranteed patient safety, users are instructed to ensure package integrity before use and refrain from usage if the package appears damaged. The size should be accurately measured by evaluating the distance from the patient's first incisors to the jaw's angle.

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