Sterile, Single-Use Guedel Airway Size 00: Premium Airway Management Tool

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Introducing the medical-grade, sterile Guedel Airway, size 00, specifically meant for single use. Essential for airway management, this device ensures a clear, unimpeded airway, helping to prevent potential tongue obstruction situations.

  • Type: Guedel Airway – Perfect for wide patient demographics
  • Size: 00 – Ideal choice for diverse patient group
  • Semi-rigid & Transparent: Facilitating unimpeded airway monitoring
  • Reinforced Proximal End: Ensuring stable insertion and removal
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Sterile, Single-Use Guedel Airway Size 00: An Essential Tool for Unmatched Airway Management

When it comes to optimal patient care, the airway management tools play a paramount role. Introducing our dynamic, robust, and efficient sterile, single-use Guedel Airway of Size 00. Designed to the strictest safety norms, it effectively prevents tongue obstruction in patients, contributing significantly to emergency medical procedures.

  • Oro-pharyngeal, Guedel form for effective airway patency management.
  • Constructed from a blend of semi-rigid, transparent EVA/PVC material, the product ensures easy visual checks, superior durability, and flexibility.
  • Unique straight design and reinforced proximal end for reliable grip and insertion ease.
  • Color-coded flange accompanied by size numbers to simplify user-friendly identification and utilization.
  • Approximate length of the product: 40mm.
  • Strictly sterilized using either Ethylene oxide or gamma radiation, bolstering patient safety.
  • Each Guedel airway is designated for single-patient use to reduce any risk of cross-contamination.

Usage and Storage Guidelines:

Select the appropriate size by measuring from the patient's front incisors to the angle of the jaw. It’s best stored away from extreme temperatures and humidity. It’s recommended to check each unit for integrity before use.

Professional Packaging:

Respecting our deep commitment to patient safety and hygiene, each Guedel airway is packaged individually in plastic bags to preserve sterility until its moment of use.

Get to know our extensive range of Guedel airways compatible for infants through to adults. With superior-quality material and construction, our product guarantees unmatched professional utilization. Kindly note this product is devoid of endotoxins and boasts biocompatibility, reassuring patient safety. Recommends avoiding use if packaging shows signs of damage.

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