Advanced childbirth simulator

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General description:
Childbirth simulator for training in normal as well as abnormaldeliveries including complete, frank, and footling breech.

Technical specifications:
Childbirth simulator for training in normal as well as abnormaldeliveries including complete, frank, and footling breech
Consists of a full size adult female lower torso with a life-size pelviccavity and major anatomical landmarks
Simulation of multiple pregnancies in vertex/vertex, vertex/breech,breech/vertex, or breech/breech presentations
Can be used to demonstrate placenta praevia and prolapse of theumbilical cord
With soft vulval inserts for episiotomy exercises.
With inflatable uterus insert that allows for the performance ofLeopold’s manoeuvres.
Realistic simulation of Caesarean-section delivery, Ritgen’s manoeuvre,and intrauterine manipulation
Allows training in normal delivery of umbilical cord and placenta
Comes with full term foetal baby with fontanelles, umbilical cord andplacental
Anterior and posterior foetal fontanelles can be palpated
Removable diaphragm end plate for manual positioning of foetalbaby/babies

Instructions for use:
Advance childbirth simulator for demonstration of the followingobstetric procedures:
Normal vaginal delivery
Complete, frank, and footling breech birth
C-section delivery
Ritgen’s manoeuvre
Vertex presentation
Intrauterine manipulation
Vertex/vertex, vertex/breech, breech/vertex, or breech/breechpresentation in multiple birth
Prolapse of umbilical cord
Demonstration of placenta praevia: total, partial, and marginal
Normal delivery of umbilical cord and placenta
Palpation of foetal fontanelles

Packaging and labelling:
Primary packaging: Unit of use
One (1) in a box, with Manufacturer’s instruction for use, spare partsand accessories.

Supplied with:
1 x Instruction manual in English, French and Spanish
2 x Umbilical cord clamps

Storage instructions:
Do not expose the item to extreme variations in temperature and todirect sunlight. Store in a cool dry place.

Weight and volume:
Estimated Weight: 10 kg
Estimated Volume: 0.13 m3

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
Can be ordered individually. To be used together with the Advancedchildbirth simulator.
S0000083 Fetal baby, w/umbilical cord & placenta
S0000085 Labor delivery module