Adolescent Kit for Expression & Innovation - Empowerment Toolkit for Youth

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The Adolescent Kit for Expression & Innovation | Youth Empowerment Toolkit is a holistic package crafted to enhance the psychological health of adolescents in crisis. Key features include:

  • Carriers: For effortless kit mobilization
  • Supply Pods: For secure storage
  • Tablets: Crucial for facilitators & counselors
  • Stationaries: Fuels creativity and self-expression
  • Inspirational Cards: Fosters positivity & resilience

This user-focused kit harnesses creativity, innovation and encourages youth-driven projects. Online support in the form of guides and videos makes it user-friendly.

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Adolescent Kit for Expression & Innovation | Empowerment Toolkit for Youth

Our Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation is a comprehensive solution specifically tailored for young people aged 10-17, designed to provide crucial support during periods of conflict or crises. By integrating dynamic methods like art, innovation, and youth-led projects, this kit aims to boost psychosocial wellbeing, enhance life skills, and increase community involvement.

Extensively Inclusive

  • Contains over 90 distinct items, including art materials and detailed instructional guides.
  • Encompasses a holistic approach, addressing the multifaceted aspects of adolescent development.

Adaptable and Versatile

  • Designed for adaptability, accommodating various programming environments and offering practical solutions for a range of scenarios.
  • Adjustable based on the unique needs and interests of the adolescents, ensuring maximum utilization and relevancy.

Mental and Social Wellbeing Tools

  • Includes instruments like the Emotion Cube and Facilitator Tools Cards for psychosocial development.
  • Provides resources aimed at nurturing mental and social wellness.

Scalable and Accommodating

  • Easily integrable into new or existing programs, enhancing its usefulness and adaptability.
  • Designed to be scalable and flexible, accommodating a variety of program requirements.

Complete Support

  • Offers supplementary resources for facilitators, such as assembly videos and direct procurement information.

Portable Design

  • Estimated weight of 30kg and volume of 0.134cbm for easy transportation desgined for reaching youth in need.
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