Adenine Hydrochloride Hydrate | 99% Purity | Chemical and Biological Applications

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Adenine Hydrochloride Hydrate | 99% Purity | Chemical and Biological Applications

  • Chemical Name: 6-Aminopurine hydrochloride hydrate
  • Purity: 99%
  • CAS Number: 2922-28-3
  • Used in various chemical and biological applications
  • Ideal for a wide range of chemical and biochemical roles
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Adenine Hydrochloride Hydrate | 99% Purity | Chemical and Biological Applications

Adenine hydrochloride hydrate is a versatile compound that serves as a vital building block in various chemical and biochemical applications. With a purity level exceeding 99%, this high-quality product offers exceptional performance and reliability.

As a purine nucleobase, adenine hydrochloride hydrate plays a crucial role in numerous biological processes. It is an essential component of nucleic acids, including DNA and RNA, where it forms the base pairs with thymine and uracil, respectively. This interaction ensures the stability and integrity of genetic material, making adenine hydrochloride hydrate an indispensable tool in molecular biology research.

Adenine hydrochloride hydrate also exhibits significant chemical properties that make it valuable in a broader range of applications. Its strong base properties and ability to form hydrogen bonds with other molecules contribute to its functionality, versatility, and widespread use in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and material science.

Key Features:

  • Chemical Name: Adenine hydrochloride hydrate is also known as 6-Aminopurine hydrochloride hydrate, reflecting its chemical composition and structure.
  • CAS Number: The compound is identified by the CAS number 2922-28-3, providing a unique identifier for easy reference and identification.
  • Purity: Adenine hydrochloride hydrate boasts an impressive purity level of at least 99%. This high degree of purity ensures reliable and consistent results in various applications, eliminating the risk of impurities interfering with experimental outcomes.

The composition of adenine hydrochloride hydrate is meticulously formulated to meet the stringent quality standards demanded by scientists and researchers. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures to guarantee its purity and performance. This attention to detail ensures that the product consistently delivers accurate and reproducible results, instilling confidence in its users.

The applications of adenine hydrochloride hydrate are vast and diverse, owing to its unique chemical properties. Some of its notable uses include:

Chemical Applications:

  • Biochemical Research: Adenine hydrochloride hydrate serves as a fundamental component in various biochemical assays, particularly those involving nucleic acid analysis, purification, or sequencing. It enables the synthesis and amplification of DNA and RNA, allowing scientists to unravel complex genetic data.
  • Enzyme Reactions: The compound acts as a coenzyme or cofactor for certain enzymes, facilitating their catalytic activities. Adenine hydrochloride hydrate's involvement in enzymatic reactions makes it valuable in enzymology studies, drug discovery, and pharmaceutical research.
  • Chemical Synthesis: With its ability to form strong hydrogen bonds and its nucleophilic properties, adenine hydrochloride hydrate serves as a precursor or intermediate in various chemical synthesis processes. It can contribute to the development of pharmaceuticals, dyes, polymers, and other organic compounds.

Biological Applications:

  • Cell Culture: The addition of adenine hydrochloride hydrate to cell culture media promotes cell growth and proliferation. It provides the necessary nutrients and signaling molecules to support the metabolic activities of cultured cells.
  • Plant Growth: Adenine hydrochloride hydrate is often used in plant tissue culture to stimulate cell division and enhance plant growth. It plays a critical role in the development of plant hormones and signaling pathways.
  • Microbial Media: The compound is an essential component of microbial media formulations, providing a nitrogen source for the growth of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms. It supports the propagation of diverse microbial species in the laboratory.

The versatility and reliability of adenine hydrochloride hydrate make it a sought-after compound in many research laboratories, educational institutions, and industrial settings. Its consistent quality and high purity enable researchers to confidently design experiments, generate accurate data, and draw meaningful conclusions.

Quality Assurance:

As a trusted supplier of laboratory chemicals and reagents, we are committed to delivering products that meet the stringent demands of scientists and researchers. Our adenine hydrochloride hydrate is manufactured with meticulous care and undergoes rigorous quality control tests to ensure its purity and performance. When you choose our product, you can have confidence in its quality and consistency, allowing you to focus on making groundbreaking discoveries and advancing your research.

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