Superior High-Purity Laboratory-Grade Acetic Acid 36% | Ideal for WBC Count

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Introducing High-Purity, Laboratory-Grade Acetic Acid with a concentration of 36%. It comes packaged in a durable 100ml bottle, ideal for industrial and laboratory use, especially for White Blood Cells (WBC) count.

  • C2H4O2: Consists of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.
  • Purity: Chemically Pure (CP), implying top-grade quality.
  • Durability: Retains efficacy for a period of 36 months post-production.
  • Shipping: Classified under UN number 2790 and Hazard Class 8, recognized as a corrosive material of moderate danger (Packing Group III).
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High-Purity Laboratory-Grade Acetic Acid - 36% Concentration

Empower your laboratory endeavors with our superior, high-purity, laboratory-grade Acetic Acid. Boasting a 36% concentration and a chemical formula of C2H4O2, our Acetic Acid ensures utmost purity and unmatched quality for all your scientific needs. From conducting complex research experiments to performing standard laboratory tests, this product becomes an essential, high-performing addition to your laboratory supplies.

Outstanding Features

  • Exceptional Purity: Furnished with a 36% concentration, our Acetic Acid guarantees top-notch performance and results in your laboratory activities.
  • Optimized for WBC Count: This product stands apart with its suitability for White Blood Cells (WBC) count, leveraging a wide array of medical and scientific applications.
  • Guaranteed Chemical Purity: The assured purity of the acetic acid maintains consistency and effectiveness in its usage, making it a reliable choice for your laboratory.
  • User-friendly Packaging: The Acetic Acid is conveniently packed in a 100 mL bottle, offering accessible storage and user-friendly handling for routine laboratory use.

Long-Lasting and Convenient Storage

Our Acetic Acid showcases an impressive shelf-life of 36 months post-production, enabling long-term storage and consistent use. It requires storage in a warm, dark place above 20°C, maintaining its potency when the container remains tightly sealed. Offering practicality, this property guarantees cost-effectiveness, minimizes waste, and facilitates convenient storage and use.

Safe Packaging and Delivery

Compliance and safety being our priorities, our Acetic Acid is packed and transported under globally accepted standards. It is shipped as per its scientific name, marked by the UN number of 2790, classified under hazard class 8, and in packing group III. This labeling signifies that our product is non-explosive, non-flammable, and non-radioactive, assuring secure and hassle-free delivery to your preferred location.

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