HIV(1+2) Ab V2 Accessory Pack: Comprehensive Fingerstick Blood Collection Kit for Safe & Reliable HIV Screening

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Experience safe, simple, and optimal fingerstick blood collection with the HIV(1+2) Ab V2 Accessory Pack. This carefully curated kit provides:

  • 50 Safety Lancets: Facilitating effortless and secure blood extraction.
  • 50 Alcohol swabs: Ensuring high hygiene standards prior to testing.
  • 50 Disposable Transfer Pipettes: Providing precise sample transfer.

With its intuitive design, it enhances specimen processing while upholding safety and integrity. Benefiting from an 18-month shelf life, it needs to be stored within 4°C to 30°C. The pack also includes comprehensive user instructions for clear and simplified procedural guidance.

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HIV(1+2) Ab V2 Accessory Pack: Convenient, Safe, & Reliable Fingerstick Blood Collection Kit

The HIV(1+2) Ab V2 Accessory Pack revolutionizes the process of fingerstick blood collection for HIV screening. Specially tailored for the HIV(1+2) Antibody (Colloidal Gold) V2 diagnostic kit, this pack comes with a suite of essential components that streamline safe and efficient blood sampling and transfer.

Key features of the HIV(1+2) Ab V2 Accessory Pack

  • Comprehensive: This kit comprises safety lancets, alcohol swabs, disposable transfer pipettes, and a meticulous Instruction for Use (IFU) guide.
  • Compatibility: Meticulously designed for optimal functionality with the HIV(1+2) Antibody (Colloidal Gold) V2 diagnostic kit.
  • Safety: Safety lancets engineered to prevent accidental pricks ensure enhanced user security during the blood collection process.
  • Cleanliness: Alcohol swabs are included to sterilize the site of the finger prick, thereby reducing the risk of infections and cross-contamination.
  • Precision: Disposable transfer pipettes effectively allow for accurate sample transfer, ensuring reliable testing outcomes.
  • Storage: Suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions, it can be conveniently stored at temperatures between 4-30°C.
  • Durability: The HIV(1+2) Ab V2 Accessory Pack, with an impressive shelf life of 18 months, guarantees persistent serviceability.
  • Instructional Guide: The kit comes with a comprehensive IFU manual that explains the easy-to-follow steps for the safe and efficient use of the components.

While the pack does not include a biohazard waste container or protective gloves, these items are indispensable for the appropriate disposal of used lancets and pipettes and protection against infectious materials. In essence, the HIV(1+2) Ab V2 Accessory Pack ensures uniform, trustworthy HIV screening outcomes by combining convenience, safety, precision, and reliability in a single, comprehensive kit.

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