75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel – Unbeatable Pathogen Protection

75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel – Unbeatable Pathogen Protection

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75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel – Unbeatable Pathogen Protection

Equip yourself with the 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel, your ultimate shield against germs. With a quick-dry formula, this powerful sanitizer annihilates 99.9% of harmful bacteria, made possible by its 75% alcohol content. Unlike regular sanitizers, it absorbs rapidly into your skin without leaving a residue, while also having a hydrating effect. Dispense with the need for soap and water and maintain cleanliness anytime, anywhere with its handy 500ml packaging.

  • Alcohol Content: Potent 75% for superior germ extermination
  • Volume: Portable 500ml bottle for hygiene on-the-go
  • Efficacy: Destroys 99.9% of bacteria instantly
  • Convenience: Provides an effective cleanse without soap or water
  • Formulation: Absorbs quickly, moisturises skin, leaving no residue
  • Application: Ideal for situational demands – at home, in the office or while travelling

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75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel: Your Ultimate Defender in Maintaining Exceptional Hand Hygiene

Presenting our powerful, unparalleled 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel, specifically formulated to offer comprehensive protection against a wide variety of pathogens. With a potent formula boasting a robust 75% alcohol content, our product ensures superior sanitation by eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful microbes and bacteria, meeting even the most stringent hygiene standards.

Pioneering Features:

  • Efficiently eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful pathogens, prioritizing your health with unmatched efficacy.
  • Enriched with a high 75% alcohol concentration for remarkable antiseptic qualities and a superior level of cleanliness.
  • Incorporates a quick-drying formula for a non-greasy, fresh experience post-application.
  • Comes in a large 500ml container providing a lasting solution for all your sanitization needs.
  • Strict adherence to regulatory standards, ensuring the premium quality of our product.

Guidelines for Safe Use:

Despite the careful design, our hand sanitizer should be handled responsibly. Keep the product away from heat sources and out of children’s reach. Avoid direct contact with eyes, and if such contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

Premium Ingredients:

The key ingredient in our Hand Sanitizer Gel is 75% ethyl alcohol, the primary agent that fights off infections.

Ideal Choice For:

This product caters to those seeking an efficient, reliable, and portable solution to maintaining excellent hand hygiene. It’s ideally suited for use at home, workplaces, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other places requiring top-notch hygiene standards.

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