6a-Methyl-11b-hydroxyprogesterone 2668-66-8: Key Features, Applications, and Storage

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6a-Methyl-11b-hydroxyprogesterone 2668-66-8

Also known as 11b-Hydroxy-6a-methyl-4-pregnene-3,20-dione or Medrysone

  • Chemical Formula: C23H32O3
  • Molecular Weight: 356.50 g/mol
  • CAS Number: 2668-66-8
  • Appearance: White to off-white powder
  • Solubility: Soluble in ethanol, methanol, and acetone
  • Usage: A steroid hormone used in the pharmaceutical industry

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6a-Methyl-11b-hydroxyprogesterone 2668-66-8

6a-Methyl-11b-hydroxyprogesterone, also known as 11b-Hydroxy-6a-methyl-4-pregnene-3,20-dione or Medrysone, is a highly sought-after compound in various research and development fields. With its extensive range of applications, this chemical compound has become a valuable tool in the pharmaceutical industry.

Chemical Properties

  • Chemical Formula: C23H32O3
  • Molecular Weight: 356.50 g/mol
  • CAS Number: 2668-66-8

Identifiable by its appearance as a white to off-white powder, 6a-Methyl-11b-hydroxyprogesterone exhibits optimal solubility in ethanol, methanol, and acetone.

Key Features and Uses

6a-Methyl-11b-hydroxyprogesterone offers numerous features and applications:

  • High Purity: Manufactured to deliver exceptional purity, this compound minimizes potential impurities and ensures reliable results in various applications.
  • Pharmaceutical Applications: Widely used as a pharmaceutical ingredient, it plays a crucial role in the development of medications and therapies.
  • Steroid Hormone: Acting as a steroid hormone, it offers a multitude of biological effects.


Diverse and extending across multiple industries, the applications of 6a-Methyl-11b-hydroxyprogesterone (2668-66-8) include:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Extensively utilized in the synthesis of various medications and therapies due to its role as a steroid hormone.
  • Research and Development: A valuable building block for synthesizing novel compounds and drug analogs, it is essential in the field of research and development.
  • Medical Research: An indispensable component in investigating the effects and mechanisms of steroid hormones on diseases and conditions.

Storage and Handling

To ensure stability and efficacy, certain considerations must be observed when handling 6a-Methyl-11b-hydroxyprogesterone:

  • Storage: The compound should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture, to prevent degradation.
  • Handling: During handling, it is recommended to wear appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves and laboratory coats, to minimize potential contact with the compound.
  • Disposal: Proper disposal methods must be followed in accordance with local regulations and guidelines for chemical waste management.

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