5BGC Offline Sterilized Fermenter: Superior Performance & Versatility for Fermentation

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5BGC Offline Sterilized Fermenter, efficient fermenter ideal for lab and industrial fermentation processes. Main features include:

  • Vessel: Composed of borosilicate glass for chemical resistance and stainless steel top-plate & bottom end; Autoclavable.
  • Stirrer: Built-in AC motor drive offering a 50-1000rpm range for adjustable operations.
  • Aeration: Fitted with a stainless steel ring sparger and comes with an external silica gel tube and air filter to aid fermentation productivity.
  • Thermal Circuit: Accurate temperature adjustment with an under-vessel electric heater and equipped with pipes and valves for water supply.
  • Peristaltic Pumps: Four flexible pumps to provide controlled release of additives.
  • Control System: Works with BIOTECH-7000 & BIOTECH-9000 for precise parameters tracking and regulation.
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5BGC Offline Sterilized Fermenter: High-Performance Fermentation Equipment

nThe 5BGC Offline Sterilized Fermenter is a versatile, high-performance piece of laboratory equipment. With a superior construct and innovative features, this advanced performance fermenter meets and exceeds the stringent demands of various laboratory or industrial applications.

Product Features:

  • Durable and Sterile Vessel: Constructed from top-quality borosilicate glass and equipped with a stainless steel (316L) top-plate and bottom end, this fermenter offers durability and uncompromised sterility. It is fully autoclavable, facilitating straightforward sterilization.
  • Highly Efficient Stirrer: The fermenter is equipped with an adjustable AC motor drive and a magnetic drive, complimented by a solid stirrer shaft with two 6-blade disk impellers and a foam breaker set. It boasts an operational speed range of 50-1000rpm to adequately mix the substrate.
  • State-of-the-Art Aeration System: The fermenter incorporates an advanced aeration system comprising a stainless steel ring sparger in the vessel, and an external silica gel tube and air filter to efficiently oxygenate the fermentation media.
  • Integrated Thermal Circuit: The unit features a built-in heating unit, providing thorough heat distribution for precise temperature control. It also includes all the necessary piping and valves for a cooling water supply connection.
  • Convenient Fluid Control: With 4 assignable peristaltic pumps included, this fermenter allows efficient control of acid/alkali, anti-foam, and nutrient feeding, with manual and automatic options for increased convenience.
  • Versatile Control System: It offers flexibility of control system choice, inclusive of advanced BIOTECH-7000 and BIOTECH-9000 systems.

Benefits of the 5BGC Offline Sterilized Fermenter:

Combining cutting-edge technology with high-end features, the 5BGC Offline Sterilized Fermenter is a guarantee of superior performance and efficiency in all fermentation processes. Whether you are conducting research in a laboratory or executing large-scale industrial production, this fully-integrated, offline sterilized fermenter will exceed your expectations and ensure optimal results.

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