Premium 50KW 60Hz 3P Solar System - Sustainable & High-Efficiency Energy

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Introduce your business to green energy with our Premium 50KW 60Hz 3P Solar System. Boasting advanced Monocrystalline Cell Technology for top-notch solar panel performance. Equipped with Powerful Inverters having Maximum DC Power of 20440 W and featuring a Robust Off-Grid & On-Grid Operation for secure load and energy management. Includes High-Capacity Batteries for optimal energy storage and a transformative 50-80 KVA Transformer for continuous power conversion. Commit to a sustainable future with this high-efficiency environment-friendly energy solution.

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Premium 50KW 60Hz 3P Solar System: High-Efficiency & Eco-Conscious Energy Solution

Introducing our Premium 50KW 60Hz 3P Solar System - your solution for a greener, more sustainable future. Combining unrivaled performance, high efficiency, and eco-conscious design, this solar system is the alternative energy solution you've been waiting for. It's designed to meet an expansive load range of 50KW, with an enhanced capacity up to 1.5 times that, delivering an impressive 80 kWp. No matter the application, this solar power system promises reliable, consistent power.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes Monocrystalline cell technology, the gold standard in photovoltaic efficiency and performance.
  • High-performing inverters delivering a maximum DC Power of 20440 W for high energy production.
  • Intelligent load management function thanks to our robust off-grid & on-grid inverter, perfecting your energy management.
  • Features high-capacity batteries specifically designed for deep discharge cycles, offering superior energy storage performance.
  • A transformer with an impressive capacity of 50-80 KVA ensures efficient energy transformation.

You can also expect additional support systems and accessories like a comprehensive battery bank, PV/arrays, support structure, DC/AC Distribution boards, Surge Suppressors, and Lightning Arrestors, all designed to optimize your energy production and storage. Our Premium 50KW 60Hz 3P Solar System is the ultimate answer to the growing demand for sustainable, efficient, and eco-conscious energy solutions.

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