High Quality 500ml PET Foam Pump Bottle - Customizable and ISO9001 & CE Certified

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500ml High Quality PET Foam Pump Bottle – ISO9001 & CE Certified

  • Durable: Made of long-lasting PET material, optimized for daily use.
  • Efficient Dispensing: Equipped with a foam pump, perfect for storing hand sanitizers.
  • Personalization: Provides color customization option to match your brand’s aesthetics.
  • Certified Quality: ISO9001 and CE certified to assure superior quality and reliability.
  • Secure Closure: Comes with a PP-made cap to offer spill-proof sealing.
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High Quality Customizable 500ml PET Foam Pump Bottle - ISO9001 & CE Certified

This premium 500ml high-quality PET foam pump bottle offers a superior packaging solution for hand sanitizers. Made of top-grade Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) material, the bottle promises robustness and longevity, preserving the product's integrity against everyday wear and tear. Its foam pump ensures effortless dispensation of sanitizer, providing a seamless application experience.

Designed with user preferences in mind, the bottle's color is customizable. You can match it with your brand theme or personal aesthetic preference. Certified with ISO9001 and CE, this foam pump bottle is a testimony to premium quality and trust. The cap, composed of high-strength Polypropylene (PP), ensures secure sealing, reducing any chances of leakage and maintaining the longevity of the sanitizer inside.

The 500ml capacity of this foam pump bottle adds convenience by reducing the need for frequent refills. The external body of the bottle can be embellished with silk screen printing or stickers for enhancing brand visibility and aesthetics. This versatile and durable PET foam pump bottle has a wide demand across markets, including North America, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

  • Constructed from superior PET for improved durability
  • Cap made of high-strength PP, offering secure sealing
  • ISO9001 and CE certified for quality assurance
  • Large 500ml capacity ensuring prolonged use
  • Customizable color to meet aesthetic needs and brand requirements
  • Easy-to-use foam pump mechanism for effortless application
  • Option for silk screen printing or stickers to boost brand visibility

The PET foam pump bottle ensures quality, reliability, and user-friendliness. Its quality manufacturing, convenience-oriented design, and customizable elements make it a top choice for businesses seeking a practical and professional packaging solution.

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