High-Efficiency 4KW Diesel Hybrid Solar System | Monocrystalline Panels | 280W Output | Integrated Grid Management

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The 4KW 50Hz 1P Photo Voltaic Diesel Hybrid Solar System | High-Efficiency Solar Power Supply is a robust solution designed for effective solar energy utilization. Key features include:

  • Reliability: 4KW capacity allows perfect utility for medium homes or small businesses.
  • Universal Application: Stable power delivery with a frequency of 50Hz and Single Phase (1P) consistently caters to varying consumer needs.
  • Eco-conscious Product: The high-efficiency system harnesses sunlight to produce electricity, hence lowering carbon impact.
  • Cost-efficient: It offers a significant reduction in energy costs over time due to renewable energy utilization.

Its wide usability and low upkeep requirements make it an optimal choice, while the simple installation process simplifies its application.

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The 4KW 50Hz 1P Photo Voltaic Diesel Hybrid Solar System from our line of high-efficiency solar power supplies is a distinctive hybrid power solution made for rigorous energy demands. With the strength to cater to a total power load of 4KW, it outshines common industry standards with a sizing 1.5 times larger (6kWp).

This high-performance solar system prevails with its 24 Monocrystalline solar panels. Each one puts out a potent 280W, functioning productively even in less-than-perfect light environments. At its core, the system possesses a matched pair of transformerless inverters equipped with multi-string technology, capable of managing a zenith of DC power up to 3880W.

To ensure maximized control, an Integrated grid management system is incorporated. Fitting for modular expansions of single and three-phase settings, it includes both off-grid and on-grid inverters with intelligent load and energy management features.

A part of this robust system are batteries designed to ensure a True Deep Cycle Discharge. Demonstrating a minimum efficiency of 95% and a minimum discharge rate of 10 hours, these batteries cater to constant power needs.

Created for endurance and superior performance, the 4KW 50Hz 1P Photo Voltaic Diesel Hybrid Solar System provides a near-continuous power supply using top-tier photovoltaic panels. Together with hard-hitting batteries, this guarantees optimal hybrid system functions. The system is also designed for ease of monitoring, promising to persevere while keeping its unparalleled efficiency.

Eco-conscious, the system manages fuel effectively by relieving the generator when load demands are high. It ensures insignificant CO2 emissions, therefore, does not compromise the environment for power supply. Purchase the 4KW 50Hz 1P Photo Voltaic Diesel Hybrid Solar System today for a solution that blends performance, durability, and sustainability in one.

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