44W Solar Street Light – The Supreme Solar-Powered Outdoor Illumination Solution

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This 44W Solar Street Light, an exemplary fusion of energy efficiency and high light yield, offers an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to illuminate outdoor areas. Emitting a staggering 8000 lumens, this solar-powered solution is perfect for street or pathway lighting. Its easy-to-install feature, coupled with its ability to function smoothly on a 12/24VDC power supply, makes it an unparalleled option for reliable outdoor lighting.

  • High Brightness: Offers an exceptional 8000 lumens output.
  • Eco-friendly & Energy efficient: Utilizes solar power, contributing to environment sustainability.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a mountable steel pole for immediate setup.
  • Reliable: Functions seamlessly on a 12/24VDC power supply.
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44W Solar Street Light: A Revolution in Outdoor Illumination

Experience the energy-saving efficiency of solar power with our 44W Solar Street Light. Witness intensified brightness as its remarkable 8000 lumens amplifies the visibility of your outdoor spaces, centralizing on pathways, parks, and streets. Our top-notch street light's solar system is designed to emphasize environmental preservation while keeping high-grade illumination well and alive.

  • Powerful Illumination: Our 44W Solar Street Light houses a potent LED light that facilitates a powerful output of 8000 lumens. This wide light dispersion promises thorough and efficient illumination across substantial outdoor areas, irrespective of the expanse.
  • Solar-Powered: With a shift in dependency from electricity to solar power, our 44W Solar Street Light minimizes power costs and reduces the burden on our power grids, fostering sustainability with energy.
  • Stand-Alone System: Including a robust steel pole, our solar street light ensures the elimination of installation troubles with its user-friendly mounting system, catering simplicity and efficient usability.
  • Reliability: Operated on a steadfast 12/24VDC system, our solar street light delivers unfaltering performance, upholding its promise of bright light, night after night, without fail.

Imbibe an environmental-friendly perspective with our 44W Solar Street Light that vocalizes sustainability, savings, and security. Opt in for an 8000 lumens brilliance illuminating your outdoors' paths and make a lasting impression with renewable energy that benefits us all. Choose 44W Solar Street Light as your outdoor lighting solution that embraces brightness, vitality, and energy-efficiency.

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