32 Brass Burner with Long Tail Wick - Enhance Your Refrigerator Efficiency

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32 Brass Burner with Long Tail Wick for Vintage Sibir & Electrolux Refrigerators – Premium Spare Part: Ensure top-level efficiency and longevity with this tailored Brass Burner. Designed for specific Sibir and Electrolux refrigerator models, this item’s performance boosts your appliance’s functionality.

  • Targeted Compatibility: Matches Sibir (S2325 PEV1ST, V 240 KE) and Electrolux (RCW 50 EK, Zero PR 245 KE fridges, Zero PR 230 IP freezers) models. Not compatible with Sibir V 170 KE.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Comes with a burner, a long-tail wick, and a wick trimmer.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Product dimensions are 12.5 x 7.5 x 7 cm, with a weight of 0.260 kg and volume of 0.848 cdm. For Sibir V 170 KE, refer to burner product S0002040.
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Maximize Your Refrigerator's Efficiency with the Superior 32 Brass Burner with Long Tail Wick

Experience top-tier refrigeration performance with the 32 Brass Burner fitted with a long tail wick, manufactured to maximize your refrigerator's longevity and productivity. This high-quality spare part is engineered to perfection, ensuring operational reliability and maintaining the prognosis temperature of your refrigeration system.

Quality Craftsmanship and Reliable Temperature Management

  • Constructed predominantly from brass, a material known for its exceptional resistance to corrosion, this burner ensures long-term durability even under the harshest conditions.
  • It features an accompanying wick that provides a continuous fuel supply, promoting consistent heat generation, and thereby, effective temperature regulation.

Compatibility and Versatility

  • Designed to be a precise fit for classic Sibir models including the S2325 PEV1ST and V 240 KE, expanding its range of usage.
  • Fully compatible with contemporary Electrolux models like the RCW 50 EK, Zero PR 245 KE, and Zero PR 230 IP freezer.

Easy Installation and Portability

  • Presented in a compact design and lightweight structure to facilitate easy installation and enhance portability.
  • With an approximate weight of 0.260 kg and dimensions measuring 12.5x7.5x7 cm, it's convenient to handle and install.

Added Benefits

  • Manage wick length effortlessly and avert soot accumulation with the provided wick trimmer.
  • Maintain a consistent heat output, effectively improving your refrigerator's performance.
  • NOTE: For Sibir V 170 KE refrigerators, consider the Aladdin burner (Aladdin 23E), corresponding to product number S0002040.
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