Berlinger FT2E 30-Day Logger- Unmatched Precision in Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

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Berlinger FT2E 30-Day Logger: A precision device for top-notch temperature monitoring.
  • Exceptional Temperature Monitoring: Records and sends proactive alerts on temperature changes in cold storage, ensuring optimal storage condition for sensitive items.
  • Quality Maintenance: Essential for preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Clear Display: Simple viewing for effortless temperature tracking.
  • Retroactive Temperature Analysis: Allows a 30-day backward check of temperature variances.
  • Extended Data Access: Preserves 60-day temperature data with convenient USB access.
  • Broad Temperature Adaptability: Operates reliably from -20u00b0C to 55u00b0C, granting wide usage options.
  • Robust Build: IP64 rating, making it resilient against dust and splashes, perfect for arduous environments.
  • Long-lasting: Supports Lithium coin cell battery offering superior lifespan of up to 66 months from its manufacture date.
  • Guaranteed: Included 2-year replacement warranty against mechanical errors, ensuring trust in usage.
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Maximize Vaccine Efficiency with the Berlinger FT2E 30-Day Logger

The Berlinger FT2E 30-Day Logger powers medical institutions with superior precision in temperature monitoring for optimal vaccine efficiency. Tailored to advanced medical practices, this device supports a temperature range of -20°C to 55°C., making sure the storage conditions for vaccines are spot on.

Notable Features of FT2E 30-Day Logger

  • This inventive devices boasts an accuracy exception of ±0.5°C, which, coupled with a minimum logging interval of one minute, guarantees infallible temperature readings for 30 days.
  • Comprehensive alarm system that comes pre-set with alerts and a user-friendly LCD display that reveals current, minimum, and maximum temperatures over the past 30 days. It also records alarm violations during the past month.
  • Easy connectivity to a PC, laptop or Mac via a USB interface sets this device apart. Its unique algorithm generates detailed two month PDF reports for easy record keeping.
  • Extended battery life for more trustworthiness with its non-replaceable lithium coin cell battery offering an astonishing 66 months of both shelf and activated life.
  • Robust design and resistant to dust and water splashes with the resilient IP64 rated structure.
  • The packaging consists of 50 units tactically packaged in a box. Palletized packaging assures safe and smooth transportation.
  • Reliable two-year warranty from the manufacturing date covers component failures and not damage due to misuse.

The Verdict

The Berlinger FT2E 30-Day Logger emerges as the go-to device for modern medical institutions, owing to precise temperature monitoring, thorough alarm functionality, easy operations, healthy long-life battery, resistant design, and an accommodating warranty.

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